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The videoconferencing app Zoom has quickly become the top contender in a world saturated with apps and software trying to make it easier for families to catch up and for business meetings to take place. If you can make and answer calls, then you’ve got the gist of how Zoom works, but did you know there’s so much more you can do? MAKE A STEALTHY ENTRANCE. If you’re going to be entering a business meeting late or don’t want to disturb a family member who’s in the middle of a story, then you can opt to enter the call silently. In settings, select the audio tab and check the box to “Always” mute your microphone when joining a meeting. Do the same under the video tab. You can easily unmute yourself or make yourself visible again at any time during the call. CHANGE YOUR BACKGROUND. This one can be for fun or useful if you have a mess behind you that you’d like to hide from others on the call. Simply go into the settings of your Zoom app and click “Virtual Background.” From there, Zoom ‘THE LONG-DISTANCE LEADER’ The work atmosphere has changed for many businesses lately, and for some, it may not end up being so temporary. Remote work has its share of criticisms, but the authors behind “The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership” have developed a model that proves great leadership at the head of a remote team leads to great work from that team. EMBRACE THE RULES FOR REMARKABLE REMOTE LEADERSHIP

will offer you a few selections to choose from or you can upload an image you’d like to use as your background. The possibilities are nearly endless. BEAUTIFY YOURSELF. Even the best of us occasionally roll out of bed to jump on a call, and that’s when filters might come in handy.

Zoom’s beauty filter isn’t as sophisticated as other apps like Instagram, but it’s useful in a pinch. From settings, go to “Video” and check the box for “Touch Up My Appearance.” Zoom will soften the focus on your camera, making your skin glow and reducing any unsightly blemishes or imperfections you feel self- conscious about.

REACT WITH EMOJIS. If you’re on a call that requires participants to be muted or have video turned off, like a company-wide meeting, then you may still be tempted to react to the information you’re hearing. You can do just that by using emojis. Click the “Reactions” tab at the bottom of the meeting screen and choose the emoji that matches your reaction. Emojis are visible to everyone and disappear after five seconds. MEDISOFT, LYTEC, NEXTGEN, & APRIMA SUPPORT PLANS FOR HOSTING, BACKUP, AND MORE

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Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel are the co-founders of the Remote Leadership Institute, an organization that demonstrates how leadership hasn’t changed over the years, but rather, what’s changed is how one leads. Now, they’ve created the “Three O Model” and brought it to life in their co-authored book. The model refocuses leaders to think about the elements of leadership that remain unchanged by a remote work setup: outcomes, others, and ourselves. By focusing on those three factors, leaders can better utilize technology as a tool rather than a distraction, and they will be equipped to navigate their team members from wherever they are.

“The Long-Distance Leader” is filled with exercises for keeping projects on track, proven suggestions for building productivity and morale, and ways for building lasting relationships without the close proximity of a “normal” workplace. This book is an essential read for any leader, remote or not, who wants to rediscover the importance of getting back to basics.

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