Campus Commons PT - March 2019



I always try to take my family on vacation when my kids are on spring break. They’re out of school, and we can focus on being a family. Sometimes we’ll go down to Southern California to visit my in-laws just to get out of the area. We’ll travel during the kids’ winter break as well, usually to Tahoe. Our goal is to schedule our free time around our kids’ free time. Business has always come after family. I bend my work schedule around when my kids are free, not the other way around. Our business affords us the flexibility to hang out with our kids more than most people might be able to. As a result, we have a little less financial flexibility, but it’s worth it to have family time. It’s important for me to find opportunities to relax on regular workdays as well. My wife and I try to take at least 20 minutes before bed to just talk and enjoy each other’s company. None of our conversation is business-focused. I actually get cranky if I don’t get that time with her. Aside from that, I treat my lunch hour as my hour to disconnect. I put in headphones and listen to what I want to listen to or read what I want to read. The only thing missing is a sign around my neck that says, “Don’t bother me.”

That being said, I still find it incredibly important to take those long breaks to truly disconnect from work. When I was younger, I would take a day off and not feel any sense of refreshment. I always needed something like five days off to be able to disconnect and, as a result, feel refreshed when I got back to work. The disconnect time, like my lunch breaks, used to just be for me. Now I try to use my free time to relax with family. “TIME SPENT ON VACATION RENEWS THE DRIVE I NEED TO DO MY WORK, AND IT GIVES ME TIME TO FOCUS ON WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT TO ME.” When we go to Southern California on spring break, we take our kids to Disneyland if they want to go, but the most memorable vacation my wife and I ever took was when we spent a week in Cabo. We were there with some of our family, and it was such a chill vacation, without a lot of rushing around. We just enjoyed the weather, food, atmosphere, and

being together. Every time we get together with our family, the question of when we’re going back to Cabo still comes up. What I want to emphasize from all this is the need to establish a balance between work and relaxation. Time spent on vacation renews the drive I need to do my work, and it gives me time to focus on what’s most important to me. This spring, remember to take a step back and re-energize.

–Mark Eddy

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