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JULY 2019

EVERYDAY SUPERHEROES Batman, Superman, and the RCW Team I came home recently to my youngest two sons, James (4) andWilliam (2), running around outside “saving the world from bad guys.”William definitely looks up to James and mimics almost everything that “Jamie-brother” says or does. I don’t know how long they were at it, but, by the time I got home, they had most of the world’s bad guys under control and quickly asked me to take their picture. (See them in the photo on the left.) It made me smile and immediately remember a family photo of me and my older brother, Matt. (See us in the photo on the right.) In the picture, Matt and I were almost at the identical age that James andWilliam are. I also mimicked almost everything that my big brother said and did. As you can tell from the picture, we were saving the world from bad guys too. I am clearly a Batman man, unlike William. Superman is good, but Batman is great. I remember going to my grandmother’s house when I was young and watching the ‘60s TV version of “Batman,” starring AdamWest. I loved it. I guess my preference for Batman is largely due to the fact that he doesn’t really have any superpowers but is clearly a hero. (I probably really liked the Batmobile and his other secret gear too.) To me, there is something special about a “mere mortal” who achieves so much more than other mortals, especially in the service of others. When we advertise for new property managers and other team members, we are looking for superheroes too. Part of our ad reads “Our property managers act as landlords for our owners. They are the superstars of our company. They are faster than a speeding bullet and leap small buildings with a single bound. They are our heroes!”

James and William & Luke and Matt

The sheer number of quick move-ins, collection problems solved, great tenants they find for less-than-perfect properties, and smooth handlings of upset tenants is staggering to me.

I’m proud of my team, and I am proud of how they deliver for our clients. I hope you know how hard they work to get you a great result and give you peace of mind.

They are real superheroes!

Tune in next month — same Bat-time ... same Bat-channel,

P.S. I have a nice mix of superheroes in my house. Evelyn prefers Wonder Woman, David prefers the Hulk, James prefers Batman, Spiderman, or Ironman, andWilliam prefers Superman. It’s nice to know that they will keep us all safe against the world’s bad guys for years to come! P.P.S. The next time you talk to someone on the team, ask them who their favorite superhero is. It may lead to an interesting conversation, and you may even catch them off guard (which is hard to do).

And they really are!

Day in and day out, I am amazed as this team I have the pleasure of leading goes above and beyond for our property management clients and tenants. This time of year, I am especially reminded of that because leasing activity is so much more active.


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