Debrief - Emotional Intelligence

Debrief-emotional intelligence

associated with it. It is important to understand your emotions and learn how to deal with them. Immobilizing emotions Anger Anxiety Sympathy Jealousy Depression Hate Frustration Fear Impatience Loss of Confidence Loss of Control Instability Mistrust Loss of interest Dissatisfaction

Emotional Intelligence covers the following competencies: Self Awareness Self Regulation Self Motivation Empathy Effective Relationships

A Human Being comprises of 32 interdependent processes. The workshop focused on Emotions, Heart, Mind, Brain, Beliefs,Values and Thoughts

Emotions have been given to us to experience and deposit in memory. Memory comes in the form of a visual and emotions are

How to manage Immobilizing emotions? 1. Anger Need for anger management:

2. Frustation It tells you:

You have no control There is a need for adaptation

Good Image Good Health

3. Fear When in fear Plan

Either vent out anger or use it in a creative way. Anger leads to helplessness, which further leads to frustration and if not controlled may lead to depression.




Exercise Caution and Then do what you fear the most Doing what you fear is the best way to conquer fear.


Steps to anger management:

STEP I –When you get angry,go and talk to the individual who you are angry with

4. Hate It is an extreme outcome of anger.The key to manage the emotion of hate is to tell yourself,“The person is extremely important in my life. I have to transact with him.”

STEP II - While talking, change your language from “you made me angry”to“this behaviour of yours has made me angry”

STEP III – Be aware at the start that you are getting angry

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