Debrief - Emotional Intelligence

Debrief-emotional intelligence

Belief System Belief is an emotionally held assumption. It is built through experiences.Therefore, when experiences change beliefs also change.

The following diagram shows a Disabling Belief System.

I am good

The following diagram shows Enabling Belief System.

Will I do well?

I have done well

I am good

Want to do well

I have done well

I am not doing well

Want to do well

Enabling Belief System retains positive experiences from the past and has intentions of doing well in the future.

An individual with a Disabling Belief System doubts his own capabilities and is in the mode of self pity.

Highlights of the Exercises: Insights from Group Activity

Learning from the Workshop: Attaining an in – depth comprehension of your EQ Realizing the underlying impact your style has on others Enhancing the relatively weaker areas of your EQ and applying them at your workplace Further building up your empathetic temperament to improve your leadership effectiveness Operating in an enabled belief system



Factors that make you feel Bad

Factors that make you feel Good



Strategy to deal with all emotions

Factors that make you feel Ugly

Our interpretations are all a matter of perception Emotions occur due to outside situations that can’t be controlled

Many people have a passion to reinvent their organization. Creating an EI culture can be a part of that reinvention. If you want to change the world, start changing yourself.

Insights from Multimedia Tool on Emotional Intelligence Every one of us has unique potential for emotional sensitivity, emotional memory, emotional processing and emotional learning ability.These four components encompass Emotional Intelligence. Following are the Competencies of Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness: Being aware of one’s own feelings Self Regulation: Reform situations from stressful to challenging Self Motivation: Move from defeating to motivating mind state Empathy: Recognizing and responding to emotions of others Effective relationship: Influence and persuade others, motivate and inspire self and others

An EI culture can remove the friction that holds you back and can provide emotional stamina to tackle global challenges. EI will define success in the 21st century, doing more will not be enough- being different might achieve the highest goals.

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