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We all have things we hope to achieve in our lives, whether they’re personal, professional, or financial. It’s rarely easy and takes plenty of hard work to reach these goals, but when we accomplish what we set out to do, we feel relief! However, once we accomplish one goal, we typically quickly create another one to take its place. My first year owning the business, I simply wanted to have a successful year, learn how to run a business and not mess anything up along the way. As time went on and I figured things out, I began to set more challenging company and personal goals. On the business side, my goals can range from gathering more positive reviews of our company, doing more workshops for public groups, and improving our graduation rate of our patients.

as a company. It’s wonderful hearing positive feedback and seeing consistent growth over the past seven years. It’s no longer just about keeping the doors open. Instead, we aim to provide more services and care to our clients. Additionally, we now have the largest staff we’ve ever had. We are currently at 16 employees and growing. Their hard work and dedication allow us to reach these new numbers and goals. I can’t wait to see what we can all achieve together. “SOMETIMES IT TAKES A LITTLE LONGER TO ACHIEVE OUR GOALS THAN WE’D LIKE.” I normally also have personal goals in addition to our business goals. This year I want to put more focus on the personal ones, namely my health and well-being. I spend a lot of time worrying about the health of others and not enough about my own. One of the biggest changes I’ve made was visiting my doctor for checkups. I used to only go when it was necessary, but since I turned 50, I’ve been more focused on seeing the doctor and getting all the necessary tests done. It’s the first step toward creating a healthier me. Remember, sometimes it takes a little longer to achieve our goals than we’d like. But, if you put in the work, you have every reason to get to your final endpoint. Make sure your goals make sense, and create a plan to reach them. Our goals, no matter if business, financial, or personal, are obtainable through hard work and dedication. You just have to keep pushing when things get tough.

When I first took over, we were only seeing about 450 visits a month. This was nothing to be ashamed of, but I knew we could take it to the next level as the need for physical therapy grew in our area. Last year, we saw the most patients we

have ever seen in the clinic: We averaged over 1,000 visits per month and finished the year with well over 12,000 visits. With all the challenges brought about by Covid, we were still able to reach our goal.

We only achieved this success because

of our entire staff’s commitment. They know the goals and work toward reaching them. I’m extremely proud of the growth and success we have seen

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