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Building a C-Level Employee Advocacy Program with GaggleAMP

GaggleAmp Case Study:

Building a C-Level Employee Advocacy Programwith GaggleAMP

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Building a C-Level Employee Advocacy Program with GaggleAMP

How an IT Consultancy Firm Generated $2 Million in New Sales At 2X, we firmly believe that the core value of any top management consulting firm lies in the thought leadership of its consultants. Establishing it is critical to any strategy that aims to cement a firm’s credibility within its chosen areas of expertise. This rings especially true in the case of WGroup, an established 2X client and leading IT management consulting firm with many consultants who are former CIOs. WGroup saw a unique opportunity to leverage that peer-to-peer CIO network and monetize in ways that traditional marketing tactics cannot achieve. When presented with the goal of creating a social media presence and thought leadership content, 2X recognized the importance of tapping into this C-level network in achieving it. Together with WGroup, 2X decided on a strategic shift in marketing by implementing an employee advocacy program that included the use of cloud-based advocacy tool GaggleAMP. “

” By using GaggleAMP and 2X’s content and marketing operations services, WGroup is enabled to share valuable thought leadership and initiatives, via each consultant’s authentic influence on social media.


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Building a C-Level Employee Advocacy Program with GaggleAMP

GaggleAMP enabled a social content creation engine in just a few steps There is a long list of martech available in the market, and in order to run and maintain a successful employee advocacy program, the tool of choice needs to be easy to use. With GaggleAMP, there was a very low barrier to entry because setup is easy and quick. WGroup created a process where new consultants receive a briefing about the tool as part of their employee orientation, and connected their social media accounts with GaggleAMP to help shape and maintain their professional brand presence within their networks. When employees join the GaggleAMP advocacy program, they become part of a group that promotes the firm’s initiatives through various social channels. This group of advocates receives support from a GaggleAMP manager who can choose from over 50 types of activities to request of his or her group of advocates. GaggleAMP managers compile content to like, comment on, or share on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other social sites. Additionally, advocates can be asked to respond to Quora questions, download apps, and more. Impact can be directly attributed to the employee advocacy program simply by tagging all the links promoted via GaggleAMP with a unique tracking code. Easy link tracking enables the marketing team to determine whether an individual visited the site because of content promoted within their “Gaggle”. For example, when someone clicks a trackable link on social media, not only is the click recorded; so are activities like registering for anything on the website, registering for downloads, or filling out any other types of forms.

GaggleAmp’s Impact in Numbers:

7 . 9 million impressions $ 2 million in pipeline sales

7 , 361 clicks

$ 1 . 1 million in revenue


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Building a C-Level Employee Advocacy Program with GaggleAMP

WGroup was able to amplify their thought leadership using this channel very effectively, allowing new prospects to learn about their services and get familiar with the unique points of views of their peers in a non-intrusive way. Blog posts, strategy briefs, and executive cheat sheets are now shared and distributed easily via GaggleAMP. WGroup also leverages GaggleAMP to endorse consultants and share curated IT industry news. Professionals who are connected to any of WGroup’s consultants, are inevitably exposed to a wealth of new ideas, concepts, and thinking. GaggleAMP has brought the firm’s range of expertise center stage, visible and accessible in the social media arena. Organically, this new channel was able to take WGroup’s brand awareness to the next level, and helped generate over $2 million in new sales opportunities. Halo effects:

Anecdotal customer success feedback

Own employees consuming content, gaining a better idea of the company’s direction

Increase brand recognition and brand value

Solving content creation challenges with an offshore marketing agency The other challenge was the creation of thought leadership content on a regular basis. With WGroup consultants having little capacity for marketing and thought leadership work, the firm saw an advantage of having the services of an offshore marketing agency such as 2X built into their content creation engine. 2X marketers are trained to understand WGroup’s brand and story well enough to handle the lion’s share of work in content and design production, content repurposing, and marketing campaigns operations and analytics. Combined with GaggleAMP’s features, WGroup has achieved unprecedented results through the shift in their strategic marketing efforts. To date, WGroup is three times as big, with five times as many employees since 2015. By using GaggleAMP and 2X’s content and marketing operations services, WGroup continues to be enabled in sharing valuable thought leadership on social media, strategic and quality content planning, and using each consultant’s authentic influence to promote initiatives.


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Building a C-Level Employee Advocacy Program with GaggleAMP

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