Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions January 2020

DRYING MORE WITH LESS AN INNOVATIVE DESIGN DELIVERING HUGE SAVINGS With almost any application involving compressed air, few investments are as critical as a dryer. Inefficient models can drive up energy costs, and ineffective ones will expose the rest of your line to damaging moisture. When it comes to protecting your equipment and processes from contaminants while keeping your power bills low, look no further than Gardner Denver. THE RPC SERIES With cutting-edge technology and innovative design, the RPC energy- saving series of refrigerated air dryers from Gardner Denver has raised the bar when it comes to efficiency. Equipped with a patent-pending heat exchanger and a no-air-loss condensate drain, this line delivers a stable, third-party certified ISO Air Quality Class 4–5 dew point for less power than conventional energy-saving designs. SAVINGS The RPC series offers significant cost savings compared to other dryer systems in their class. In fact, at 80% load, the RPC was found to save $2,642 annually compared to the ZEKS cycling design. But it’s not just kilowattage you’ll be saving on. Like you’d expect from Gardner Denver, the design of the RPC has been kept simple and elegant. Because its heat exchanger has its media encapsulated, there’s an overall reduction of system components, lending a smaller footprint and easy maintenance. With more free space and faster repairs, this dryer pinches pennies wherever it can. PLUG AND PLAY RPC dryers are designed with ease of installation and operation in mind. With stamped air inlet and outlet connections on the back panel and demand drain and power connections located out the backside of the dryer, this may be one of the easiest units to place in your line. And, of course, the control panel makes the most of monitoring technology, helping you spot issues before they begin and track your energy savings over the course of the dryer’s operation. Contaminants are a necessary evil when it comes to compressed air, but you don’t have to spend a fortune eliminating them. Thanks to the RPC’s innovative design, it’s never been more affordable to reliably protect your processes and equipment.




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