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TrustYou Training Pre Work

Why do we need to understand TrustYou?

Guest journey comes full circle with guest reviews. Having a low review score increases the likelihood that guests would not book a particular hotel. 88% of travelers would sort out hotels scores under 3 stars. Conversely, 33% of travelers would actively filter to see hotels with ratings above 4-stars. After price, “Review Score” is the most important decision variable that travelers need to convince themselves to book a certain accommodation. Travelers report that review scores are second only to price as a factor in their booking decision. Therefore, there is a relationship between a hotel’s review score and its RevPAR.

So, it is important for us to know the various features available in TrustYou platform to increase our guest experience and revenue.

2 As part of preparation to attend this workshop, please complete the next two pre work. Bring your findings to the workshop.

Source – TrustYou Research

Pre-work 1

Listen to this video in YouTube – Click Here. The length of the video is 30 minutes. Please watch the first 11 minutes and write down your learning below. Question 1 – What is Social proof theory? How does it related to hotel reviews? Answer:

Question 2 : How many percentage of guests willing to pay more for the hotels with higher review scores? Answer:


Pre-work 2 Imagine you are going to Bali for one week vacation. Price is not a concern, you are able to afford luxury get away with your family. You have decided to do online booking. Look at minimum 3 hotels in Bali, review the hotel feedback in various OTA and decide the name of the hotel. Please write down top 3 reasons why choose that particular hotel compared to other 2 hotels? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________



4 ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Thank You

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