March 2022 Anchorlines


March 2022

Volume 22:3

Coming MEMBER Events

Party at MIYC Tuesday, March 1 st Come in Costume or Mask or Come As You Are! Be ready for Food, Fun, Prizes & Surprises!

Marco Island Yacht Club Mission Statement

Provide an extraordinary Member experience of boating, social events and dining in a warm and beautiful Club setting where fun and friendship flourish.



March 1

Mardi Gras Party

3 5

Twilight Golf

Afternoon Tea & Hat Presentation

6-15 7-12

Sarasota/St. Petersburg Extended Cruise

Costa Rica Fishing Trip

9 Couple's Bridge 11-13 FCYC - Tampa Yacht & Country Club 12 Wine & Dine - Jackets Required 16 Boaters Night 17 St. Patrick's Day 17 Fishing Club 21 Day Cruise - Paradise Found 23 Sunset Cruise 25 Evening Colors 31 Book Club

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Golf, Anyone? Thursday, Apr. 7 th Join us for 9 Holes of Golf!

• Tee times begin @ 3pm • Format: Scramble/Closest to Line • Dinner at Club afterwards

• Couples and Singles • 9 holes “The Links” • $20/pp cart + green fees

Contact Alice Jobe at 239-248-7640 or email: Deadline to sign up: Noon on Wed., Mar. 30 th Full & Equity Members Welcome

Afternoon Tea and Hats Hattitude is everything! Back by popular demand, we will again have a High Tea on Saturday March 5th at 3:00 pm. Diane Shagott, the only couture milliner in SW Florida who is a Marco Resident, will be our featured speaker! Diane Shagott started Hats to Di For over 15 years ago after falling in love with the craft of millinery. Designing and crafting light and airy creations to flatter clients for every occasion from a day at the beach to the Kentucky Derby and even an event at Windsor Palace. Having studied with instructors from England, Spain, the Netherlands and even Australia has given Diane a global perspective of techniques and trends worldwide.

She will cover hat creation and also some fun do’s and don’ts as it relates to size and placement of hats. Her workshop and showroom are located on San Marco Road in the Provence Building. We also will look forward to sampling Chef Jono's creations for this fun event. Deb DeVries will be our hostess.



March 17 – 11:30 am


The MIYC Book Club meets the LAST Thursday of each month; at 12:00 noon for presentation and lunch/table discussions, followed by dessert and group discussion. Please feel free to invite your friends!

MIYC Book Club Selections March – May March 31 st

On the Night of a Blood Moon , by local resident Peter Karl. Peter Karl, presenter. Investigative reporter Peter Michaels takes a fresh look at one of Chicago’s most heinous crimes of the past century: the brutal rape and murder of an attractive, young female medical student. Four men were originally caught, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison, but was the crime really solved? Are the real killers in jail or roaming the streets? It is a crime that still haunts the city and those who worked to bring justice to the victim and her family.

Empire of Pain , by Patrick Radden Keefe. Kathleen Douglas, presenter.

April 28 th

Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty. The book examines the history of the Sackler family, including the founding of Purdue Pharma, their role in the marketing of pharmaceuticals, and the family's central role in the opioid epidemic. The Daughters of Yalta: The Churchills, Roosevelts and Harrimans; A Story of Love and War by Catherine Grace Katz. Val Bilbrey, presenter. The untold story of the three intelligent and glamorous young women who accompanied their famous fathers to the Yalta Conference in February 1945, and of the conference’s fateful reverberations in the waning days of World War II.

May 26 th


Florida Council of Yacht Clubs Meeting Dates 2022-2024





Tampa Yacht & Country Club Marco Island Yacht Club


March 11-13 May 13-15

Marco Island Vero Beach Punta Gorda Daytona Beach

Vero Beach Yacht Club

July 7-9

Isles Yacht Club

September 8-10 November 11-13

Halifax River Yacht Club


Bradenton Yacht Club Eau Gallie Yacht Club


January 13-15 March 10-12,

Indian Harbor Beach

St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club

Panama City

May 12-14


July 7-9

September 8-10 November 10-12



January 12-14


Getting to Know You: Our New Service Staff Member Keeshawn (Keto) Cotto

Keto was born in Albany, NY, and has lived in several other locations. These include Arkansas, Florida, where he received his High School Education from Lely High School, and North Carolina, where he graduated from Fayetteville Tech. His prior job experience includes working at D’Amicos, The Continental, Fish Bones (Orlando), and most recently, the Royal Poinciana Golf Club. Keto feels that the quality skills that he brings to the job consist of high levels of efficiency, understanding & pairing of wines, sales expertise, communication, and of course - hospitality.

Keto Cotto

A typical day for Keto at the MIYC is one where “I try to the best of my abilities to help my teammates accommodate the members throughout the day, always carrying a smile and positive attitude to make for a positive environment.” When not at the MIYC, “I like to use that time to be productive throughout the day, maybe travel to a new place, hit the gym, go fishing, play basketball with some friends. Or I can even have my days where I’m more of a home body, and may find a new recipe to cook while watching a good show and cleaning the house.” Keto looks forward to the opportunity to experience more of the world and travel more often, including a vacation to his dream locations of Italy and Greece. He also plans “to continue to work hard for all the things I desire and to help the people around me.” His favorite movies include most of Quentin Tarantino’s work - Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, etc., or anything from Leonardo DiCaprio or Denzel Washington. His favorite card game is Blackjack, and he enjoys 80’s Lite Rock & R&B music. As for the near future: “In the next year I would like to accomplish more stability without getting too content, secure a trade skill over the summer, and travel somewhere new.” Keto believes strongly in the battle against climate change, feminism, and is focused on spreading more kindness and love throughout our communities by always striving to help one another. And his personal motto? “You can only control so much at once, the rest you just let go and let God.”


For Your Information

Nametag Replacement Policy • Equity members are allowed two replacements of nametags before being charged $10 per replacement. • All other memberships are allowed one free nametag replacement before being charged a $10 fee.

Equity, Full and Trial Members , please note that during season (mid-January until after Easter) you must travel by boat to Naples Yacht Club and Naples Sailing & Yacht Club. We ask their members to do the same due to increased membership and limited parking during season. Dress Code: Gentlemen, remember to wear collared shirts for dining in the evening. Also, jackets are required at Wine & Dine unless otherwise noted. Cell Phone Usage in the Clubhouse Dining Areas : Please limit your cell phone usage to texting and searching when in the dining areas of the Club. Conversations should take place under the Port Cochere. Membership Card : Your membership card is available via the app on your cell phone. Be sure to add a photo to the roster so that your member card will show your picture on the cell phone app.


Helpful Links Looking for an easy way to find information? We’ve created these helpful links for you. Just click on the name of the item and you will be re-directed to the online version.

March 2022 Calendar FY 2022 Calendar Cruise Schedule

FCYC Reciprocal List MIYC Facebook Page Mediterranean Cruise - Sept. 2022

Members Recruiting Members Our Member Recruiting Member Program is in full swing for FY2022! The Recruiting Member and new Member each receive a $100 gift certificate to use for food and beverage on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday Evening or at Sunday Brunch as long as joining fees were paid. Bring us new Members and celebrate with them!



Dave Everitt (2022) Tom Jobe (2022) Tom Wentworth (2022) Susan Hieftje (2023) Angela Holt (2023)

Henry Stanley (2023) Kevin Hennessy (2024) Jim Rich (2024) Paul Soden (2024)


Chairman – Dave Everitt Vice Chairman – Angela Holt Commodore – Tom Wentworth Treasurer – Gerry Gorman Secretary – Vicki Bretthauer


Commodore – Tom Wentworth Vice Commodore – Henry Stanley Rear Commodore – Paul Soden Fleet Captain Power – Pete Frazier Fleet Captain Sail – Dwyn von Bereghy Port Captain – Melanie Kraemer Safety and Training Officer – Jim Rich FCYC Rep. – Ray Rosenberg Alternate FCYC Rep. – Tom Morrison Chaplain – Alan Sandlin Recording Secretary – Dr. Shelly Derrough Quartermaster – Lee Dorison Fleet Surgeon – Dr. David Randall




Member Events Angela Holt, Chair Val Bilbrey Patti Cohen Deb deVries Cara Dubay Cloe Gerri M.A. Harlacker Russ Doeringer

Boating Committee Ship’s Store Henry Stanley, Chair Deb deVries, Chair

Building and


Gerry Gorman, Chair

Bruce Kraemer David Caruso Bill Schroeder Nancy Worman

Peggy Frazier

Geoff Walker, Chair Heyward Boyce

Joanne Chute


Ellie Everitt Cloe Gerri

Jeff Comeaux Tom Morrison

Meredith Downton Jon Holt

Dominic Sergi John Steeves

Michele Niblack Kerri Pakalnis

Jim Rich

Ray Rosenberg Bill Schroeder Paul Soden Geoff Walker Nominating & Governance Dave Everitt, Chair Vicki Bretthauer,

Business Process

Membership Sales & Administration Vicki Bretthauer, Chair



Jon Holt


Michelle Hennessy, Joan Gorman, Co-Chair Alice Jobe

Mark Felbinger, Co-Chair Deb Melges Wiebe

Cynthia Hultquist


Carrie Brooks, Front of

Cookie Metzler Kerri Pakalnis

Vicki Bretthauer Carol Comeaux Ellie Everitt Susan Hieftje Linda Marr Mariners Fund Jon Holt, Co-Chair

House Manager

Membership Hospitality

Karen Esala, Finance Joanne Sergi



Pat Riddiford

Ed Gerri

Marguerite Steeves Nancy Traiser Kelley Wentworth Advisory Members:

Vice Chair

Community Relations Dwyn Von Bereghy,

Gerry Gorman M.A. Harlacker

Ed Gerri

MA Harlacker Denise Morrison


Jan Rich

Vicki Bretthauer Linda Sandlin

Vicki Bretthauer

Tom Sessa Geoff Walker

Angela Holt, Co-Chair Gary Wegner

Ellie Everitt

Dick Patano Grace Pantano Henry Stanley John Steeves

Human Resources Kevin Hennessy, Chair

Michelle Hennessy

Bob Colangelo Marguerite Steeves M.A. Harlacker Diana Winterhalter Alice Jobe Susan Smith

Feel free to contact us by email. We love to hear from you.

General Manager - Mark Felbinger ext. 302 Executive Chef - Jono Osburn ext. 305

Contributions to Anchorlines - email Reservations - 239-394-0199 ext. 301 MIYC Dockmaster - TBD - 239-394-0199 MIMA Dockmaster's Office - 642-2531

Dining Room/Food & Beverage Manager - Carrie Brooks Ext. 308 Banquets/Special Events - Pamela Dorr ext. 304

Membership Sales & Administration - Cynthia Hultquist ext. 303


Chairman As I have mentioned in other communications, we have added several new members during the past year. The new members have brought additional vitality, interests, and fun to our Club! I have enjoyed getting to know many of them at Happy Hour and Club events. Given the number of new members, I thought it might be timely to remind all of us about the House Rules. You can find the current version of House Rules on our Website, under the Membership tab. House Rules are maintained by the Nominating and Governance Committee. The Committee regularly reviews the rules, updates them as necessary and provides the recommended changes to the Board of Directors for approval. The House Rules cover items like general rules, reservations and cancellation policies, policies covering guests and reciprocals, attire, conduct by members, accounts, and our Club harassment policy. There are a couple of areas in the House Rules I would like to emphasize, especially as we are operating at higher utilization rates this season.

Dave Everitt

Reservations have been an issue, as I mentioned in my February column. General Manager Mark Felbinger has also commented on Reservations Policies in a general email to the membership. I would emphasize the following points in our reservations policy: • We request reservations for all meals. In this period of challenging staffing levels, it is critical that we manage the number of reservations we can support by staffing levels. This means we may limit reservations from time to time because we do not have sufficient staff to maintain expected service levels. • We do require that the person who started a table reservation approve adding or deleting names from reservations for that table. We will confirm with the 'table starter' before adding names to table reservations. • We will also begin enforcing the cancellation policies highlighted in the House Rules. Lately, we have turned away members asking for a reservation only to have last minute cancellations create open tables that could have allowed other members to participate in an event. We also have a policy regarding guests and reciprocals that I would call to your attention: • Guests who are local residents (defined as Collier and Lee County) are limited to four (4) visits per year. Our receptionist is responsible for keeping track of the number of times a guest dines at the Club and may decline a reservation request if the limit is exceeded. • We also limit reciprocal guests (including Yachting Club of America Club Members) to four (4) visits per year. During the summer season, we do expand the reciprocal policy for other Clubs in the immediate area through specific agreements with those Clubs. A summer reciprocal list is published each year before summer. Finally, I want to note a couple of general rules for our membership: • Food and Beverages may not be brought into the Clubhouse or Club grounds without prior arrangement. • Club records and documents are the property of the Club. Members are not authorized to review, duplicate, or divulge them outside the club without written authorization by the Board. • Complaints regarding service or other violations of the House Rules should be made in writing to the Club General Manager. The House Rules are intended to help provide for an open, safe and member focused environment. I certainly recommend you spend a few minutes reviewing the House Rules, especially if you are new to the Club or have not reviewed them for a time. If you have suggestions for changes or additions, you can forward those changes to the Club Secretary. Dave Everitt


Commodore For those who love great times with good friends on the water, it was hard to beat February, 2022 at the Marco Island Yacht Club. First, there was the first-ever “Club Swap” conducted by MIYC, and beautifully orchestrated by Peggy Frazier. What’s a “Club Swap”? It’s where our Club heads for another Yacht Club with a group of boats, and the other club sends their group of boats here. We can just “swap slips” for a few days, and see what life is like at another corner of paradise. In this case, we “swapped” with the St. Charles Yacht Club in Ft. Myers, with six boats from MIYC travelling there for three nights. One of the nights featured a “pot-luck” dinner aboard Garland & Bettye Kight’s beautiful new yacht, “Bad Bettye”, where all hands had plenty of room to stretch out and socialize in splendor, and sampled delightful food and drink brought


from every boat. When we couldn’t eat any more, we played board games and chatted until the moon rose high over the yacht basin. On another day we all climbed aboard Pete & Peggy’s “Pelican” and rode across the Caloosahatchee to Tarpon Pointe, where the gang enjoyed an upscale lunch followed by shopping in a collection of shops which served wine while browsing! Kelley & I even found time to play 18 holes with the Wagner’s (aboard “Whiskey Charley”) at the Sanibel Island Golf Course. Next stop on that cruise was at the South Seas Resort on Captiva Island. Members relaxed aboard, lounged on the beach, went in to explore Captiva town, or played golf on the gorgeous oceanfront course at the resort. That’s where we were to be found, together with Doug and Kim Gaker (aboard “Doma’s Hideway II”) on an absolutely perfect afternoon. Every green and every tee box was another “ooh and aah” moment, an unforgettable combination of turquoise seas, manicured grounds, swaying palms and powdered beach, with gentle breezes wafting any cares away. For our final dinner, our entire party dined in a private waterfront gazebo, laughing and talking the night away, until we stepped aboard “Pelican” for a romantic and beautiful ride under a million sparkling stars back to South Seas. Back on Marco Island after the “swap”, Past Commodore Jeff Comeaux organized a Day Cruise to the Island Gypsy on Isles of Capri. Several boats loaded up eager Members, and we all had a great time cruising to a tasty long lunch on the next island over. The 19 th brought the 2022 Blessing of the Fleet and Fleet Review, conducted for the first time on the brand- new docks of the Club’s Riverside Marina. A total of 14 boats participated, led by “Bad Bettye”, with Captain of the Fleet Jeff Comeaux aboard directing operations, followed by Member boats large and small passing in review before Bridge Officers and distinguished guests, with two Marco Island Police Department boats bringing up the rear. The nautical procession ended with a flourish as the Marco Island Fire Department fireboat shot its water cannons into the air, an appropriate salute to our sparkling new marina. After all this excitement, captains, crew and Members ashore enjoyed a bountiful buffet lunch at the Club. Finally, the Sunset Cruise on the 23 rd , ably organized by Vice Commodore Henry Stanley, gave us perfect conditions, dancing dolphins, gentle breezes and a sunset for the ages: A huge orange orb that seemed to take an hour to slowly, ever so slowly, descend into a purple sea, while we waited breathlessly for the fabled “green flash” to appear. Did we see the green flash? Ask a Member who was there, or better yet, come on along on one of our next on-water events….I guarantee you will make memories that you will never forget .


Member Events Member Events are in Full Swing at the Yacht Club

Following a fabulous Commodore’s Ball in January and an exciting Super Bowl Party, a romantic Valentine’s Dinner and Dance was the perfect recipe for February 14. But we are just getting started with the fabulous events of the season. Member Events knows the Mardi Gras on March 1 will be the talk of the season. Kathy and Roy Hershberger, Yacht Club members and residents of New Orleans, are pulling out all the stops to make this raucous, anything- goes event a show stopper. Member Events is providing the backup power. Bring your swagger. On April 2, we host the Prom. Or, should I call it the ‘Senior’ Prom. We have

Angela Holt

the music of the 60s and 70s as well as of today; we have the décor and the “White Sports Coat and the Pink Carnation.” There will be much more detail to come on this evening filled with memories. Plan ahead for May 7 and our Hats and Horses tribute to the Kentucky Derby. The over the top chapeaux, and the prizes are not to be missed. In fact, on March 5, come to the High Tea where Lady Diane Shagott, milliner extraordinaire, will have a display of the finest hats seen anywhere. In addition to these events there is Wine and Dine each month featuring the finest menu and wine pairing. There will be St. Patrick’s Day dinner specials on March 17 and possibly some green beer for those who have the spirit. Take your Prevagen, and prepare for Trivia Night on April 14. Ellie and Dave Everitt, along with Deb DeVries will pepper you with questions, and the winning team will take a bow and a prize. The Yacht Club is always the place to be for day cruises, sunset cruises, extended cruises and Boaters Night. Then there’s Canasta, Bridge, Mah Jong, Mexican Train, Book Club, Fishing Club and more. There’s no other club on the island that can compete with our calendar of events. So remember to sign up early and be part of the fun.



Roster Photos and Profile Updates Congratulations to the A – C Group who had pictures in the roster as of February 6th. This group has 69% with pictures! You will receive a coupon good for a well cocktail, house wine or a beer! Feel free to use it any time except on a Friday Night! Heck, it is happy hour on Friday Night, so it is better to use the chit another time! You will be receiving the chits via USPS mail in the near future.

We now have 58% of all of our members who have a picture on the website. Please do submit a photograph for posting. It is a fantastic way for other members to get to know you as well as having a picture on the website then allows you to have a picture with your membership card on your mobile phone app. Please feel free to send me a photo for posting. I like to crop the picture so you will be showing ‘your best side.’ Remember, any time you submit a change to your profile or photo, it first has to be approved. You only have to submit something once. We will then review it and get it posted for you. The Return of Greeters at Brunch It is always nice to have some traditions return. Chef Jono is adding a brunch buffet back to Sundays and we are adding Greeters from the Board and Bridge back to Sundays! Beginning in May you will see members of your Board and Bridge greeting from around 11:00 am through 12:30 pm at Sunday Brunches. Feel free to give them your comments about any and all things happening around your Club! Open Fla-mingle Table With the new system in place for reservations we are now testing a new way to handle our Open Table on Friday Evenings. If you want to meet members, we now have a Club Event for an Open Fla-mingle Table of 8 at 6:30 pm as well as 7:30 pm on Fridays. We will begin this trial on Friday March 4 th . You can go to the website or your phone app now. You can also call the Receptionist and say that you’d like to sit at the Open Table. Be sure to tell her if you’d like the 6:30 pm table or the 7:30 pm table. As with any new procedure we will have some growing pains so be patient! Membership Updates With our Club getting to our cap on membership as well as everyone returning for season and with trying to get to our full staffing levels, we will be slowing down on our acceptance of new members. We want to give all our current members the best service possible. (Trial members, you are considered members so we will allow you to join the Club fulltime if you so desire!) First, Joanne Chute and Frank Pease upgraded from Social to Full on January 31 st, the last day of our Upgrade “Sail” Sale! Congratulations to them! Richard & Jo-Jo Mueller as well as Beth & Larry Malace have joined us as 3-month Trial members. We snuck in another Fla-mingle Dinner on February 26 th, and it sold out in less than one week so we will continue to have these dinners since they are such a popular event! Also, remember to consider joining Freedom Boat Club as this will enhance your overall yacht club experience! We have a great deal with the group. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Please be sure to welcome everyone aboard! Vicki Bretthauer Bretthauer


Human Relations Committee Have you heard of the “Great Resignation” or the “Big Quit?” This refers to recent government statistics that show an all-time high in employee voluntary resignations from their jobs: thirty-three (33) million nationwide since April 2021. Not too surprisingly, the highest quit rate is in the hospitality industry. While statistics can be misleading, there is no question that there is a turnover contagion across the country associated with the pandemic.

Kevin Hennessy

What can we do at MIYC? A lot as it turns out . For one, we have implemented an employee retention bonus program to reward our current staff for their continuing loyalty and commitment to the Club. Second, to fill openings when they occur, we have introduced an employee referral plan which pays bonuses to our frontline staff who refer successful candidates to MIYC. And we have engaged additional resources to find highly qualified job candidates on digital job search engines. These efforts have helped us to recently identify some great people to fill the Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Dockmaster and Receptionist openings. Word of mouth remains a highly effective (and cost effective!) way to recruit. So keep your eyes and ears open for potential server and kitchen help. Finally, as members, we all have a role to play. Other Clubs and restaurants have cut their hours of operation or cut services due to chronic under-staffing. We have not. So, we have and will in the near future likely experience some slight delays in dining service. As soon as we have a fully staffed kitchen and server crew, we can expect to see noticeable improvement. In the meantime, let’s all take a deep breath and respond with patience and respect to the staff who are all trying so very hard to serve us. They will appreciate it -- and appreciate you! Kevin Hennessy Board of Directors Chair, HR Committee


Marketing & Communications

We want your feedback!

After you attend an event at the Club, you'll receive a brief questionnaire - three questions about how you enjoyed the evening. Please watch for the email and reply with your answers. We will also be sending a dining survey weekly, rather than monthly, to everyone who has dined at the Club. We hope this will help you give us timely and specific feedback on your dining experience. Please watch for this email and complete it promptly. As a reminder, Reserving online helps the staff have "Real-Time" reservation information! And, please include other members in your reservation - this helps avoid duplicate reservations. You and your member friend will see the reservation on the website and the App, under "My Reservations."

I would like to acknowledge that we are working through a few glitches and appreciate everyone's patience as we all learn the ins and outs of the App.

Michelle Hennessy Chair, Marketing & Communications Committee

Reservations Please! Please remember to make your reservations for dinner and events at the Club at least two days before the event. Chef Jono and his Staff like to be prepared in order to have the right amount of food and beverage. Also, when you make your reservation for a specific time, please be prepared to be shown to your table at that time. We appreciate your help as this also helps the kitchen Staff serve you in a timely manner.


Safety & Training

“Plug it Up!” Have you ever had a water pipe in your house break? How about a toilet hose connection or even an outside water sprinkler line? Quite a mess, right? But not life threatening! Now how about a hose or hull breach in your boat? Did you know that a 2-inch hole in your boat only 1 foot below the waterline would fill a 55-gallon drum in 40 seconds?! While we can’t prevent the unexpected due to equipment failure, collision, or other forms of impact such as running aground or hitting a foreign object, we can be prepared by having yet another emergency tool at our disposal should the occasion arise. I am speaking about the very small, inexpensive, and potential lifesaving TAPERED WOODEN PLUG.

Jim Rich

These plugs come in a variety of heights and diameters to conform to even the most irregular and unpredictable shapes of a hose or hull breach. Made of tapered soft wood for a snug watertight fit, these are often drilled for permanent attachment to your fittings. Tether a sized wooden plug to each fitting, ready to pound into place in case of failure or leakage. Have other (non-tethered) plugs available for emergency in the event water would enter a circular, oval, or irregular hole caused by maintenance failure. These are available from any marine store or online from Amazon. A package containing a variety of sizes will cost you less than $20. In addition, I recommend keeping at least one other type of plug on board. It is a much larger plug made of a foam material that is completely flexible. Rather than pounding into place, the user compresses it by hand into the hole, stopping or greatly reducing the inward flow of water as the foam returns to is original shape. This material can also be cut and forced into elongated openings using a putty knife, inserted into the ends of broken pipes by twist compressing before inserting, and easily plugs leaking hoses. There are two companies that manufacture a similar product: “TruPlug” and “StaPlug”. Both are available on Amazon for $19.95. Until next time, Happy and Safe Boating! Jim Rich Safety and Training Officer


Fleet Surgeon A number of people have asked me, in general, about ivermectin (IVM) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Having never treated river blindness, elephantiasis, or malaria, it piqued my interest as well due to recalling only the basics dredged from medical school memories. It is neither my intent nor place to weigh in upon the spirited discussion about these drugs (or encourage a visit to Tractor Supply for horse paste) but to share what I learned. Malaria killed between 150 and 300 million people in the 20 th century. Identification of the causative bacteria and mosquito vector garnered Nobel prizes in 1902 and 1907. Chloroquine was identified from tree bark; HCQ is its better tolerated brother. IVM was isolated from samples on a Japanese golf course and developed by Merck. In 1987, the chairman of Merck initiated a program to provide it free of charge to areas of endemic river blindness and elephantiasis and, to date, has distributed 3.4 billion treatments. The World Health Organization lists both among the 20, “essential,” medicines and felt safe enough to distribute to entire populations. Both have well-documented safety profiles – even during pregnancy. Thus endeth the short version and those wishing a bit more discourse can click on the following link. A Brief History of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine David Randall



There’s a Daytime Activity for Everyone at MIYC! A q u a f i t a t M I Y C Aquafit classes take place at the MIMA pool at 10:30 am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy water aerobics - a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles. Water also offers natural resistance, which can help strengthen your muscles and you can add resistance devices to burn more calories! Exercising in the pool provides the toning and cardiovascular benefits of exercise on dry land with less strain and stress plus it allows for a greater range of motion helping with flexibility and balance. And most importantly, it is enjoyable fun! As with any other exercise routine, just be certain you get medical clearance from your health care provider before taking the plunge. Contact Coordinator Peggy Frazier with questions or if you need to change the time. Ph: 906-227-7625 email:

MIYC Fishing Club Meets Thursday Mar. 17 th Lunch & Discussion – 11:30 am

The Fishing Club will meet at the Burgee Barr to discuss: • Fishing reports from off-shore and from backwater • Updates on Fishing Trip to Costa Rica: March 7-12, 2022 • Fine Tune: Tarpon Fishing Trip to Islamorada – Spring 2022 • Fine Tune local fishing dates around Marco Please RSVP to Jeff at by Tuesday Mar. 15 th

Ladies Bridge Every Wednesday at Noon

If you play bridge, have ever played bridge, or just want to learn how to play bridge, MIYC is the place to do it. We have a lively group of “social” bridge players. New Members are always welcome - there are teachers willing to help you learn. Contact Diana at:



!"#$"%#&'()*&+,-). !" All are welcome to play Couple’s Bridge at the Club. We have a fun group that plays on either the second or third Wednesday of the month starting at Noon. A “couple” can be a man and woman, two women, or two men. We only play as “couples” for the first round and then we mix it up a bit. No pressure, just a fun afternoon for all.

MIYC Men’s Bridge Wednesday 12:00 pm - Lunch 12:45 pm - Begin play Email Bob Winterhalter at for more information.

Contact Diana Winterhalter at to get on the list.

Mah Jongg Anyone? Weekly on Tuesday 1:00 pm Mah Jongg players welcome whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player. RSVP to Linda Spell at

Join Us for Canasta every Thursday 9:30 am All levels of experience e welcome. Want to learn? Join us! Beginners welcome. Plan on staying for lunch! Contact Kimberly Porter at for additional information about joining this fun-loving group.


Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dance February 14, 2022


Wine Tasting and Sale: February 16, 2022

The MIYC Wine Sale and Tasting, held to clear the cellar of old and single bottles, and to taste new wines from our distributors, was a tremendous success!!! Four Distributors were stationed outside the Harbor Room and on the Pointe. Each participant was given a small wine glass to sample the wines, and a charcuterie platter was set on a table on the Pointe . Members were really “into" the tasting – asking the distributors many questions about the wine backgrounds and

age of the wines -- so they were definitely engaged in helping us find our new

wines!!!! Every single bottle of wine we set out to sell was sold!

Throughout the event, we were serenaded by Vinchinzo, an opera singer discovered at Marco Island’s Davide restaurant by several members. Vinchinzo was such a big addition to creating the right mood for this sale!!! Amazing singer! Many positive comments were received from members: “Fantastic event, this was so creative, we should do more of these, we really need a wine list, I didn’t know we had a wine list, this was so much fun and different than our usual events, Vincenzo was amazing – we should have him back” to repeat just a few.

Now comes the next step in this large project--choosing the wines for the menu! This is a dynamic process that we fully expect to be done on a continuing basis with some wines rotating in and out of our menu. Stay tuned for updates…


Deborah Stuart ASID 203-247-3018

Interior Design By Appointment



Winners of Best Ball format, winning the tie breaker on Hole #7 with a birdie (1 under par). Pictured from left to right: Henry Stanley, Dorothea Rosner, Bob and Deb Wiebe.

Leanne Christopher won Closest to the Pin on Hole #4 (8’2”). The trophy “Oscar” will get handed down to next year’s winner.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Marco Island Power Squadron (now rebranded as America’s Boating Club) offer many excellent classroom and online courses on a variety of boating topics. Currently, there are new classes being offered by the Power Squadron for September 2021 through March 2022. Click on the link below for course information*. To register, contact Ted Reiss at his email address: Marco Island Sail and Power Squadron (America's Boating Club)


Blessing of the Fleet Saturday, February 19, 2022


Blessing of the Fleet Saturday, February 19, 2022

To View the Professional Photos of Blessing of the Fleet, Click this link!


Photos from an Extended Cruise, Blessing of the Fleet, and a Sunset Cruise


MIYC Sailing Students Participate in Sailing Regattas

Over the past week our sailors participated in a number of regattas at the Edison Sailing Center in Fort Myers. Elle and Ava Richardson, Miles Massie, Zoie Swift, Ginger Roloff, Steele Cicerzynski, Elizabeth Patterson and Alex Gurdeenidze represented our Club. Eleven boats participated and our sailors placed 2nd, 3rd and 7th. It was a wonderful experience for our sailors and a big thank you to our instructor Terry Naylon and all the parents.



On February 21, the Marco Island Noontime Rotary had their ceremony for this year’s Flags for Heroes at the YMCA field. This year’s honorees were our Marco Island Firefighters and Police Officers along with veterans and First responders of the 9-11 attacks. Over 400 flags are on display in memory of heroes from all walks of life. There was a flyover in vintage aircraft by Ret. Navy Commanders Mike Thortenson and Ret. Lt. Col. Chuck McHenry US Air Force. We were also honored to have flying the GROUND ZERO U.S. flag which was flown for the first time in 20 years. Marco Island Yacht Club is honored to have contributed to this wonderful event.

MIYC Member and World War II veteran Staff Sgt. Donald L. Mills of Marco Island was surprised on his 97th birthday (Feb. 22) with flags having been placed on his front lawn by 'special anonymous

people' recognizing his special day. Doreen Hertel/ Special to the Eagle


THE MARCO ISLAND YACHT CLUB Is Proud to Offer (another) TRIP OFA LIFETIME Join fellow Full and Equity Club Members on a 12-day prestigious “Oceania” Mediterranean Cruise from Islanbul, Turkey to Rome, Italy September 14-26, 2022 Don’t Delay! Book now and join the 36 other Yacht Club members who already have reserved staterooms! For complete trip overview including itinerary, staterooms, pricing, air options, shore excursions, etc., please click on the following link. Oceania Cruises 12-days from Istanbul, Turkey to Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Anyone interested should contact Jim Rich IMMEDIATELY for details and/or reservations: PHONE: 239-248-4166 EMAIL: Note: Additional perks and fare discounts are contingent on the number of rooms we book. Booking Information: If you don’t have any questions for me and are ready to book, please email our representative Stacey at:

!"# $%&'%( !"#$#%"$& '()"*+, 950 N Collier Blvd Suite 207 Marco Island, FL 34145 Bus.239-970-8100 Cell 636-575-7717



Have you noticed the Burgees hanging around the Burgee Bar? Voting Members, do you have your personalized Burgee displayed in the Dockside Lounge? If you don’t, it is not too late to design one! Your Burgee tile is meant to be a replica of your private Burgee. ART SELLERS, located at 812 E. Elkcam Circle, 239-389-5269, can make one for you! They are in the same building as the Sand Bar, just at the opposite end. Visit them to have your Burgee created and displayed proudly in the Dockside Lounge! JULIE & BROCK WILSON Julie’s Cell: (239) 595-5983 Brock’s Cell: (239) 595-6767 Premier Sotheby’s International Realty The Esplanade ~ 760 N. Collier Blvd. Marco Island, FL 34145

Serving Marco Island & Naples for over 22 years


MIYC’s “Sunshine Program” Let us know about big milestones such as a 50 th anniversary or other special occasion or achievement. We’ll share them with Members in Anchorlines and send a card to the celebrating Members. Also let us know about any Member who is hospitalized so we can send a card to cheer them up.

Meet Our Own “Mary Sunshine!” Our contact point for this information is Mary McKeown. She’s the one to tell when you know of a major event, happy or sad – and Mary will be sure to get the word out.

Please contact Mary at:


Mariners Fund The Mariners Fund is a way to finance extraordinary MIYC needs; things outside of the normal budget; Club enhancements that will make the member experience better and up to date. For example, the Burgee Bar renovation was made possible entirely by member donations. The bar was expanded, new drop-down window covers were installed and attractive curtains and valances were added. The Mariners Fund also paid to upgrade the Club’s sound system and supported the installation of a new dimmer system to enhance lighting in the Harbour Room. All these improvements were made possible by the generous support of our members. A donation to the Mariners Fund is a symbol of MIYC member commitment. How Can I Donate? You can make a general donation or donate for a specific project. We have identified a number of needs and wishes, which are listed in a binder just below the recognition plaque in the lobby. If you’d like to donate, please download the Mariners Fund Donation Form, on which you can indicate the project you wish to support, the amount of donation and how you wish to pay (separate check, credit card or Club monthly statement.) If there is something special you would like to see happen and would like to financially support, please let any member of the Mariners Fund Committee know. Mariners Fund Recognition Levels A Mariners Fund recognition plaque in the lobby hallway honors the cumulative contributions Members have made. Bronze $ 500 Silver $ 2,500 Gold $10,000 Platinum $20,000 Diamond $50,000 Sapphire $100,000 Final Voyage – If you have enjoyed the Club, please consider a gift from your estate. Mariners Fund Committee Members Jon Holt, Co-chair Angela Holt, Co-chair Dick Pantano

Grace Pantano Henry Stanley John Steeves

Marguerite Steeves Diana Winterhalter


FCYC Reciprocals

FCYC Club Reciprocity Status - East & West Coast - March 1, 2022




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