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Food for Your Ears

Nutrition and Its Link to Hearing Loss

Zinc can help greatly with sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL), a condition usually treated with high-dose steroids. Good sources of zinc include seafood, grass-fed beef, cashews, tahini, pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach, cheddar cheese, sea vegetables, and cremini mushrooms. Keep in mind, though, anything above 50 milligrams of zinc is considered excessive and may cause health problems. Astaxanthin, a highly potent antioxidant, may benefit brain and eye health, with the potential to aid hearing, as well. Astaxanthin is rare in nature, however, so your best bet would be to take a two-milligram supplement daily. All these variables may seem complicated, but really, it’s simple. A varied diet of healthy, real food will go a long way toward protecting you against age-related hearing loss and may even reverse it, to an extent.

Everybody knows that carrots are good for your eyes. But did you know that certain foods can benefit your hearing? Diet plays a significant role in the health of your ear and your ability to hear properly. Scientists believe that nutritional imbalances, not mechanical dysfunction, are the primary cause of hearing loss. There are four nutrients essential for your hearing: carotenoids like folate (vitamin B9), vitamin A, astaxanthin, and zinc. Each of these aids your hearing in a different way; and collectively, they prevent free-radical damage and oxidative stress in the cochlea while improving homocysteine metabolism and increasing blood flow. More specifically, folate has been shown to reduce tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, as well as homocysteine metabolism — which is important, as elevated levels of homocysteine in the blood are connected to age-related hearing loss. Eat plenty of organic, raw, leafy green veggies to get your daily intake of folate.

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Summer Crab Roll


• 2 soft rolls, split down the center like hot dog buns • Green leaf lettuce leaves (for serving) • Freshly ground white pepper

• 8 ounces fresh or canned crabmeat • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise • Kosher salt • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature


1. Mix crab and mayonnaise in a small bowl and season with salt. 2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. 3. Butter opening of buns and cook until golden, about 2 minutes per side. 4. Place a large leaf of lettuce in each bun. 5. Add crabmeat mixture and season with pepper. 6. Enjoy!

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