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Stephanie Rauterkus, Ph.D., professor of accounting and finance at the University of Alabama School of Business, points out, homebuyers appreciate extra space. She sheds are becoming ever more popular as designers replace drafty interiors with cozy nooks where buyers will actually want to spend time. Just remember that too much personalization is the enemy. Homebuyers want to picture themselves in a home, and they might say no thanks to your lavender and fuchsia color scheme. Find a balance between useful and endearing without getting too artistic. When in doubt, stick with neutral colors and avoid adding anything that would be considered permanent. That being said, this new addition to the home is only growing in popularity, offering possibilities and additional storage spaces, which can really help your property stand out from the rest.

In 2012, the Merriam-Webster dictionary added the word “man cave” to its hallowed pages. Traditionally a room dedicated to sports, video games, or other “manly” pursuits, man caves have become a homebuyer’s must-have. So it’s no wonder the lady of the house has decided to create her own space. Introducing the she shed. Much like the man cave, a she shed is a space, usually a backyard shed, transformed into a hobby oasis. Gardening and sewing are common themes, but, as with the man cave, the purpose of a she shed is limited only by its creator’s passions. Many she sheds serve as reading nooks, home offices, art studios, or just general sanctuaries of solitude. She sheds can boast elegant designs, often mimicking the style of an antique dollhouse or enchanted cottage.

Sellers looking to use their she shed to increase property value are in luck! As

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