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An interesting thing occurred to me recently during a visit to my primary care provider.

The nurse for the PCP was taking information from me regarding my medical history, medications, etc. She asked the question, “What pharmacy do you use?” This is a typical question asked of all PCP patients to save time when ordering medications. It dawned on my: Why not ask the question “What physical therapist do you use?” You, as the patient, do have a choice of which physical therapist to use, just like you have a choice of which pharmacy to use. Why not do a little research on your PT provider and choose the one who best fits your needs and who is most highly trained with the most experience.

With the sun setting on summer, it’s easy to think your most active days are behind you and nothing but months of indoor workouts and dodging holiday treats lie ahead. You’ll be happy to know that you couldn’t be more wrong. In some parts of the country, the summer heat can actually be a workout inhibitor, encouraging folks to bask in the air conditioning or soak listlessly in the pool rather than get out on the baseball field or toss a frisbee. Thankfully, fall brings with it cooler weather and a plethora of outdoor traditions. Participating in activities like picking apples and pumpkins, taking long walks to look at leaves, dashing through corn mazes and haunted houses, and raking leaves should be enough to keep you hale and hearty through the season. Here’s a breakdown of a few fall favorites to help you stay fit. H ow to S tay F it T his F all I t ’ s E asier T han Y ou T hink

Congratulations are due to Dr. Justin Smith on recertification as a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, and congratulations to Dr. Jen McGrath and Dr. Dustin Barrett upon completion of a one year Fellowship in Orthopedic Physical Therapy through ETSU.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and that’s doubly true if you pick it yourself. Psychology Today reports that picking apples burns the same number of calories as walking at an easy pace, and the activity can boost your energy level and your mood. If you’re with friends or family, an hour of apple picking will go by much faster than a stint on the treadmill.

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