Banner Guidelines


SIZE & RESOLUTION Please send all files at the largest possible size. This reduces resolution issues. BLEEDS When creating your banner design, keep in mind that some screenprinted designs require a border around the image and to accomodate the pole pocket. Ask design team for any clarification. COLORS For closest color matching be sure to build your files in CMYK color space. For more accuracy in screen print colors, design using Pantone colors. FONTS Be sure to embed all fonts into your file. The easiet way to do this is to outline all document fonts.

Best digital formats for Images,Logos, and Final Artwork Files:




Adobe Illustrator It's all about the vectors. Outlining and creating vectors for logos/ shapes/text in Adobe Illustrator makes it easier for the printer to convert your artwork to large scale banner dimensions. Outlining your text into vector images also avoid the problem of missing fonts when transferring your artwork to another computer.

Encapsulated PostScript Exporting in eps. flattened allows for your vector file to be read across several vector-creating platforms, not just Adobe Illustrator. Just like .ai files, it also allows the printers to enlarge your banner design.

Photoshop Document If your banner includes non-vector images such as photographs, be sure your images are exported in .psd format at a high quality resolution.

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