Banner Guidelines


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There are two main concerns when it comes to colors: Banner Fabric Color and Ink Colors

BANNER FABRIC COLOR Fabric color is only important when you are ordering a Marine Acrylic Fabric banner. Although there is a good selection, there

INK COLOR When it comes to 18 oz Blockout Vinyl and Mainstreet Fabric , your color options are endless. Since the fabric color doesn't matter in these printing processes, you can print digi- tally or use Pantone Coated colors for screen- print designs. This opens you up to unlimited colors of a digital file. For best color matching, however, it is suggeste dthat you try to use Pantone colors for screen print designs.

are limited fabric colors. Once you choose your base fabric color, you can choose any color in the Pantone Coated series as an ink color. Keep in mind that since Marine Acrylic Fabric is screen printed, the price goes up for every ink color you add. It's best to incorporate the base fabric color into your design to keep costs low.

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