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Don’t hide your smile anymore! Dental

HOW TO PREPARE FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS AND INVISALIGN Smile! “It was my first visit at this office and I’m impressed! The hygienist was very informative and kind. Dr. Edmond Woo was very thorough. In the past, I’ve felt that my dentists only pop in for two seconds and leave, but at this office, I was actually examined by the doctor. You can tell he’s very meticulous. Although this was just a regular exam, so much more was done here than in any other office with the same visit. I learned so much in this one visit than I ever did in combined dental experiences. The office staff are very

science has developed innovative solutions to teeth straightening and replacement. Prepare for the

smile of your dreams with Invisalign or dental implants with these tips. Mind the Gums

One of the biggest components of your oral health — and, sadly, the most forgotten — is the health of your gums! We can work with you to heal gum disease, but the integrity of your gums must be ideal for dental implants to latch properly. Invisalign can easily be removed for proper brushing and flossing, but be cautious and careful when brushing in the days following your dental implant surgery. In the future, it’s imperative to continue being diligent about the health of your gums. After all, they are anchoring those new pearly whites! Do You Diet? The beauty of Invisalign is its ability to fit into every lifestyle. Don’t fret about only eating soft foods or avoiding popcorn. (Don’t forget to floss!) The only limit you face with Invisalign is that you cannot eat with your aligner in your mouth. Pop it in its case, munch on your favorite snacks, brush and rinse your teeth, and pop the aligner back in. However, with dental implants, this may be different. Like Invisalign, dental implants are designed to fit into your life, but in the days following your surgery, you should stick to a liquid and soft food diet. As your mouth heals, begin introducing solid foods again. Prep Others You’re committed to this change, and you may be anxious just to get started! Keep in mind that this change in your lifestyle could have an impact on your family and friends. You may need to come up with a food plan with your family for the weeks following your dental implant surgery. Or you may need to set reminders to remove your aligners and to brush after eating with Invisalign. Lean on your loved ones and our team for help! We can provide you with additional tips and support.

welcoming. Even from those not partaking in my care, I received genuine smiles as I walked by. My visit marked a milestone in dentist appointments. I’m excited to begin establishing myself as a patient here because I know my dental care rests in great hands.” –Sara L.

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