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Physical Therapist turned Carpenter

I wanted to share a little story with you about what’s going on in my house. When thinking about it, I also realized that there is a little moral to the story as well. That makes it a perfect topic to share with you. Everybody

Chris Ostling Now I have to set an example by fixing this wall! As of this writing I am not yet done but I’m betting that by the time you are reading this I’ll be watching TV in my newly improved room that I think I’ll call my TV room instead of the Play Room. When you’re done reading this, ask me if I finished fixing my wall. If I can get enough motivation to fix this wall then you can get enough motivation to fix yourself by coming to see me when you’re in pain. Now the pressure’s on! Disclaimer: I am not mechanically inclined. My running joke is that I can fix people but little else. So I decided that I was going to learn how to accomplish this task and in doing so I will have learned a new skill and not only have a better room but hopefully feel a little better about my “man” skills. This brings me to my little hidden message within the story. Doing something new that you’re not good at can be scary, intimidating, and can leave you a little overwhelmed. Many people, including myself would probably decide to just hire someone or even leave it as it is, rather than face the task at hand. When we have a problem, we usually ignore it or mask it, instead of fixing it. The funny thing is that I realized that people who are in pain act the same way. In talking to my patients I know that many of them ignore and mask their back pain or their knee pain (for example) instead of just fixing it (by coming in to see me of course ).

likes a good moral to a story right? I have this little room off the back of the house that we never use. We call it the Play Room, as it stored all of the toys for my kids. Well the kids don’t play with toys anymore/nowadays so I thought it would be a good idea to do something with the room to make it a little more enjoyable for everyone. The real problem with the room is that it has these cutouts in the wall that housed the previous owner’s speakers, DVD, radio, CD player, etc. They don’t look good and they really prevent me from hanging up a nice TV on that wall, which would be perfect because we have a comfy leather couch that is perfectly placed to watch TV on that wall. My options were as follows: • I could knock the wall down and put up a new wall (way too complicated for me). • I could fill in the holes with sheetrock and then tape, spackle, and paint it (maybe too complicated for me, but a better choice).

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