STAR Physical Therapy: Herniated Discs

September, 2018 NEWSLETTER

TORI JUNOT, RECEPTIONIST Getting To Know The Star PT Staff

Tori is in charge of Non-patient Communication at the the North Shore clinic. Her main job is to help people get information and help needed to get out of pain and back to living their best life. Tori is also our receptionist in Lacombe. “I enjoy working at STAR because I love helping people feel better so they are able to get back to the things they enjoy doing. There is nothing better than seeing a grandparent go back to being able to play with their grandchildren! I also love the bond we form with our patients as they end up being like family. Jackpot, bonus grandparents!“ “In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, kayaking and hiking with my husband. I love going to new places and experiencing new cultures. I enjoy being outdoors on the water and seeing all the beauty nature has to offer.” Tori’s words of wisdom: “The earth has music for those who listen.” - George Santayana (or Shakespeare not sure)


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