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T hrough all of the madness of 2020, many people turned to TikTok for some formof short- lived entertainment to escape from all things happening in the world. That being said, the apparent popu- larity contest culture that comes out of the daily praises for creators like Charli and Dixie D’Amelio or Addi- son Rae can be a major turn-off for those looking into the app. Here are some underrated TikTok creators for any audience: @ungatoloco Who doesn’t love cats? And who doesn’t love raunchy card games like Cards Against Humanity? Creator Nick Miskie creates almost daily videos with his cat Noelle playing games like Cards Against Human- ity, Over-Rated, and New Phone, Who Dis? Making for some hilari- ous and unplanned responses from Noelle’s card picks. This creator is underrated fun, sure to brighten anyone’s day. @mjudsonberry Michael Judson Berry has united two quarantine pastimes into one app: the love of TikTok and the newfound love of Schitt’s Creek . With impressions of Moira Rose (yes, with the wigs) and the FROM PHYSICS TO CARD GAMES by Kennedy Erhart


W ow I can’t believe the se- mester is almost over. I would love to sit and reflect all of the things that I’ve learned about myself since the start of the pan- demic, or even just this semester but...I just can’t. I feel like I ha- ven’t learned much, really. If any- thing, I learned how awful I am at time management and keep- ing a grip on my mental health. I guess that’s something, if you’re aware of something then you can fix it. Or at least that’s how easy it seems. I will say that I was able to do some pretty cool things this semester. If it wasn’t for The Sen- try, I would’ve never gotten to in- terview Declan McKenna. I still hold that really close to my heart.I wasn’t expecting that this year at all. I hope in the future I get more opprotunities to sit down and have a conversation with other fa- mous artists. I’m really hopeful that next semester will be better than this one. Maybe I’ll be able to safely return to Denver, maybe not. Ei- ther way I’m so ready for this year to be over. It has charted the top of my list as the worst year ever and until something else comes along to knock it down, it will remain number one. THROUGH THE WAVES The end.

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occasional impersonation of other characters on the show, Berry has been able to bring his own spin on the show to minute-long videos relating to things happening all around with his #quaranteatime. @olsennchris and@ianpaget_ TikTok’s favorite couple couldn’t go unmentioned here.While the two creators have a bit of a larger follow- ing than the other two mentioned, they’re sure to bring wholesome vibes to the “For You Page” anytime they release a new video. Couple pranks, dance challenges, self-love education, and more; this couple are the perfect creators for anyone needing some good vibes in their day. @sutherlandphys Another creator with a bit of a

larger following, Chris Sutherland, a physics professor at USC will certainly make any student or other professor laugh with his college education-related videos. Most videos by this creator often have to do with the suffering of student’s at the hands of professors or the edu- cation system, but done in a way to feel relatable and equally hilarious. @julianburzynski Wigs, mustaches, film costume recreations, and hilarious reen- actments of classic films are Julian Burzynski’s specialty on TikTok. Burzynski has recreated some of the best scenes from classic mov- ies and TV Shows like Mean Girls, Pretty Woman, Gossip Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy. Even recruiting his par- ents for some of these recreations,

Burzynski goes to every length to reenact these iconic scenes as accu- rately as possible. @sageyweebs Music fans and musicians can rejoice, this TikTok creator’s videos are full of drum covers that could bring joy to anyone’s ears. As a drummer for the band Point North, Weeber uses his talent to bring nostalgia to life with covers of songs new and old from artists like Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The Jonas Brothers, and just about any other artist one could dream of. For any fans of drum solos, this is the quintessential account for non-stop solos.



A nime has become increas- ingly more popular to a new generation of fans that are looking for bold animation styles and storytelling. Fans both new and old have always been supportive and favored classics like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon . As the years have gone by, new series have been intro- duced and have not disappointed, especially in 2020. Here are some of the best new anime series and seasons that were released in 2020. 1. A great series that was released on Netflix is called Great Pretender . The story follows the journey of Makoto Edamura who is one of the best scam artists in Japan. Edamura teams up with a next level crook, Laurent Thierry, as they work together on world-class scams. The plot is like a mystery where every- thing moves fast. The animation is impressive and so are most of the character arcs. 2. The Korean Manhwa called Tower of God , follows a young man named Bam and his journey into a tower where people must reach to the top in order to be given every- thing they want. Bam must work through the tower to search for his

I’m really hopeful that next semester will be better than this one

Until then, I hope that ev- eryone has a wonderful and safe Christmas break. Seriously stay home if you can. We might not go back to the normal that we had before, but at the very least let’s create a new one that doesn’t suck so much. I’d like to use the rest of the space to shout out The Freefriends one last time. Throughout the se- mester they ’ve checked up on me, fed me, and made sure I was at the very least, somewhat okay. Even though I don’t always reply to them I can’t stress to them enough how much I really appreciate it. I’ve said it a million timed but I could not have asked for a better group of friends. I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for us. Hopefully a huge party celebrat- ing the end of the pandemic.

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best friend Rachel. This show is known for the great artwork, char- acters, and the fantasy elements included in the show 3. Beastars was a show that many people have been waiting to come out in the US. When it did, the amount of mixed feel- ing between fans have made this anime a memorable show of 2020. Beastars takes place in a world full of anthropomorphic animals, where these animals are divided into two groups: pray and predator. The story revolves around the interaction between main characters, Legoshi (a gray wolf) and Haru (a rabbit) and figuring out their feelings toward one another. The anime is a creative way to show the deeper meaning of

a divided society.

hunt down sorcerers and kill them inThe Hole.This charming dark si-fi anime is one of the more exciting ones to watch. Many other popular shows have received new seasons. Aggret- suko released season three, and it continued the plot of following the life of Restoke and the struggles of being a young adult. Other shows like Haikyu!! and Fruits Basket have also released new seasons. There are so many other shows that are not listed, but these new anime series helped fans worldwide connect with one another by having something to binge together.

4. Deca-Dence is an anime that has given its audience surprising plot twists and head-spinning sto- rytelling that leaves fans wanting more. The plot follows a young girl named Natsume who lives in a mobile fortress in a post-apocalyp- tic world and wants to understand the secrets of the world hidden by her mentor. Lastly, Dorohedoro is best described as a horror and comedy. The anime is about a dismal city called The Hole where group of sorcerers have been using people as guinea pigs for experiments. The main character Nikaido finds a lizard man named Caiman who has amnesia; to reverse this they must

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