The workbench always travels along: It takes up hardly any room in the vehicle itself, and at the place of use it can be pulled out as required with a few quick hand movements and secured with the quick-action retainer.

Quick opening across the entire width: The functional drawer handle enables any drawer to be opened any closed anywhere – without the need to fumble around with small, inconvenient handles.

The practical hinged flaps of the shelves are opened with a handle. Like the covers and the drawer handles, they are made of high-quality anodized aluminum.

Storage box shelves make the storage of small parts in vans clear. The boxes fixed in the shelves provide order, and the patented front flap allows easy access.

Safe storage and organization: Many inserts and orderly sorting systems, along with the patented locking system for the drawers, make sure that your goods remain where they are supposed to be during transport.

In addition to many other components, the large choice of inserts and sorting systems enables the vehicle equipment to be adjusted to individual needs.

The new system case combines functionality with design and can be perfectly integrated in the vehicle equipment. The case modules are equipped with 100% sliding shelves, which makes it possible to completely open the lid. In addition, individual cases can easily be interconnected.

Tension straps that can be fixed on the load securing rails, plus further accessories that can be secured on the upright frames add even more value to the system.

Longitudinal modules provide convenient access from the side door.



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