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2 /$ 4 30-Oz.,Selected Kraft Mayonnaise

1.98 5-Lb.,Selected White Lily Flour 1.98 4-Lb.Bag DixieCrystals Or Domino Sugar 1.98 48-Oz.,Selected Crisco CookingOil 4.98 12-Ct.K-CupsOr24.5To30.6-Oz.,Selected Maxwell House Coffee FREE 33.8To64-Oz.,SelectedMocktails, 100%JuiceOr OceanSpray Cocktail Juice .98 20-Oz.,Selected DoleCanned Pineapple .98 15.25-Oz.,Selected DuncanHines CakeMix FREE 9.5To10-Oz.,Selected Lay’s Family Size Chips CreamCheese 2 /$ 4 5.8To8-Oz.,SelectedChunk,CubesOr Kraft Shredded Cheese 2.98 16-Oz.Selected,QuartersOrHalfSticks LandO’ Lakes Butter B uy O ne G et O ne B uy O ne G et O ne 2 /$ 3 8-Oz.Bar,Reg.OrLite Kraft Philadelphia

.98 6-Oz.,Selected Stove Top StuffingMix .98 Lb. 12 To 22-Lb Avg., Grade A Whole Frozen Turkeys

.98 12-Oz.,Selected

2 /$ 1 14.5To15.25-Oz.,CornOr Del Monte GreenBeans

Heinz Gravy

1.28 6.5-Lb. Avg., Frozen Bone-In Turkey Breast

2.98 Preferred Angus Beef Boneless Sirloin TipRoast

1.78 USDA Inspected Boneless Pork SirloinChops

FREE 12 To 16-Oz., Selected OscarMayer SlicedBacon B uy O ne G et O ne




1.18 Lb. Smithfield, Butt &Shank Smoked HamPortion Reg. Or Brown Sugar Smithfield Half Spiral Ham 1.98


2 /$ 6 52To59-Oz.,Selected Tropicana Orange Juice 2.98 48-Oz.,Selected Breyers IceCream 6.99 12-Oz.Cans 24Pack Pepsi Products

2.98 35To37-Oz.,Selected Mrs. Smith’s Flaky Crust Pies

.98 8-Oz.,Selected CoolWhip Topping

3.98 22-Oz.,8-Inch PumpkinOr Sweet Potato Pie Or21-Oz.Pecan....5.98

4.98 GreatSnack&EasyToPeel, 5-Lb.Bag Sweet Halo Clementines

.37 LocallyGrown N.C. Sweet Potatoes


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