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Celebrating One Year with My Podcast ‘YOUR FINANCIAL MISSION’

There are always new things to learn. After decades in the Navy, managing major corporate projects, and raising four children, my most recent venture sometimes tweaks my comfort zone. For the past year, I’ve partnered with Third Wheel Media to produce the biweekly podcast, “Your Financial Mission.” I was introduced to Third Wheel Media and my co-host, Walter, through a colleague who was also looking for a different way to get our message out. Walter is an incredibly talented broadcaster who works with many financial advisors on similar projects, and he has been incredibly helpful in producing the podcast. I enjoy the conversational style, rather than just an information push. Walter is great at integrating the headline or topic of the day, along with the mailbag questions, into a flow that makes for a very comfortable banter, with intervals of laughter. It’s much more fun to listen to. Podcasts allow me to present pertinent information, often covered in meetings or workshops, in a succinct, more “friendly” manner. Plus, the podcast provides my existing clients, and any new listeners, with extra nuggets of information that may help them cut through the barrage of financial media garbage they hear on a daily basis. In my experience as a financial advisor, it’s perfectly normal to find people stuck at a “roadblock” on some retirement planning issue. Being able to act as a sounding board is helpful as we work through a concern or goal to co- create a solution. Staying on top of the latest rules, laws, or policies is part of the job that allows me to lend perspective to the objective. It’s hard to see the picture when you’re IN the picture. An advisor asking the right questions can help clients understand options and perceive outcomes more clearly. I try to put things in context, which is critical for effective decision-making. For years, I coached swimming. Water is a foreign medium, since we’re land mammals. When coaching someone to swim, especially an adult, you have to start from where their skills currently are. The rate of progression will always be determined by their comfort and body balance (kinesthetic awareness) as they learn to move differently.

Transitioning into retirement is definitely learning to move differently. And you have to start with a realistic assessment of where you are, looking clearly to

where you think you want to go in this new environment. Retirement is a foreign medium; you

haven’t been here before. It’s scary territory for some people. Most likely, you’re going to need a coach

who can help you navigate sudden storms, currents, and riptides. Running out of money before you run out of life is the most common fear. Health care/ long-term care, vis-a-vis longevity, is the next most common worry. While there is no substitute for one-on-one meetings, “Your Financial Mission” is intended to dissect many of the concerns that people have in any given week. We put complicated information into a digestible format and provide food for thought. The 24/7 news cycle does more to confuse than inform; our goal is to provide some clarity and perspective to help clients decipher what is wheat and what is chaff. You can consume the wheat; you throw away the chaff. Walter and I encourage your questions and ideas. We’re even thinking of inviting on an occasional guest speaker. Topics for future podcasts are welcome: just email . Thank you to all my listeners who have tuned in every other week for the past year, and I hope you’ll continue to join us on “Your Financial Mission.” This newsletter will self- destruct in three seconds. Three, two, one ...

—J’Neanne Theus


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