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About AmerCareRoyal AmerCareRoyal provides a comprehensive disposable product portfolio for the foodservice, janitorial, sanitation, industrial, hospitality and medical industries. Our deep relationships with a diverse global supplier network and an established quality control infrastructure provide us with an unmatched ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. Since 1949, our people first philosophy and higher business standards continue to strengthen our longstanding relationships with our global team and customers. With distribution centers located strategically across the U.S. and Canada, we deliver customized solutions with expedited shipping and exceptional services to support our customers’ needs.


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As the need for take-out and delivery continues to rise, so does the importance of providing customers with reliable and easily portable packaging. We’re in a time where customers are more conscious of safe food handling processes and we are all becoming more and more aware of where items are coming from and how packaging is being handled. Allow your customers to feel confident in their orders with AmerCareRoyal Take Out Packaging, designed to meet all of your take-out needs. Our selection of take-out and carry-out boxes, containers and bags have your food restaurant, food truck or food service operation covered. Choose from a selection of BPA-free polypropylene recyclable, BPI-certified, PLA-lined compostable, kraft or colored paper options in all shapes and sizes.

Available Options Paper Food Containers | Security Seals

Folded Take Out Boxes | Microwavable To Go Containers Deli Containers | Portion Cups | Hinged Lid Containers Corrugated Take Out & Catering Boxes PrimeWare Tableware Collection | Take Out Bags

Paper Food Containers Offer food service establishments reliable and portable food serving options for their customers. • AmerCareRoyal’s Paper Food Containers are PE coated on the inside for leak-and-grease resistance • Perfect option for pastas, fresh fruit, soup, ice cream, and more • Kraft and white options available in various sizes • Combination options available For customers needing a compostable option, PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's Compostable Hot and Cold Food Containers deliver the same characteristics with a PLA lining.


Available Sizes:





Portion Cups Perfect for restaurants, cafés, and food trucks, AmerCareRoyal has a complete line of portion cups and lids to hold condiments, sauces and dips. • Offered in a variety of sizes, colors, and eco-friendly options • Fiber portion cups are BPI certified compostable • Freezer safe

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Folded Take Out Boxes • Great for take-out lunches, entrées or desserts • Made with poly-coated interiors making them leak-and-grease-resistant and strong enough to hold heavy foods, sauces and gravies • Open wide to allow easy access to food, while closing tight to keep both hot and cold food fresh • No assembly or lid inventory is required • Microwavable • Various sizes and colors available to accommodate every item on the menu


Available Sizes:

Small Box, High Profile

Large Box, Low Profile

Large Box, Medium Profile

Large Box, High Profile

Large Box, High Profile

Medium Box, High Profile

Microwaveable To Go Containers AmerCareRoyal microwaveable to go containers are ideal for delivery or take-out orders.

• Made from BPA-free sturdy polypropylene • Microwavable, dishwasher, freezer and heat lamp safe • Clear seal-tight lids are included to ensure order accuracy

• Perfect for salads, soups, pastas, and more! • Compartment combo containers available


Available Shapes & Compartments:

Round, 1 Compartment

Round, 3 Compartments

Rectangle, 1 Compartment

Rectangle, 2 Compartments

Rectangle, 3 Compartments

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Deli Containers Easily package, store and transport food items with AmerCareRoyal heavy weight polypropylene Deli Containers. These translucent deli containers allow for delis, restaurants, and grocery stores to keep food safe while visible to customers.

• Perfect for soups, salads, dips and more • Tight fitting lid to prevent messes • Reusable and recyclable


Available Sizes:






Security Seals With over ¼ of delivery drivers admitting to taking a bite, it’s more important than ever to ensure your food arrives intact with AmerCareRoyal Security Seals. These labels are designed to break apart if tampered with by a delivery driver.

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Hinged Lid Containers Our Hinged Lid Containers are perfect for take-out foods containing added moisture or sauces.

• Made from molded bagasse fiber and fully compostable • Choose between regular or PLA-lined containers, various size available • Provides a superior moisture and grease barrier against hot food items • Microwave and freezer safe

Available Sizes & Compartments:

7⅞" x 8" x 2½" | 7⅞" x 8" x 31/5" 9" x 9" x 31/5" 1 Compartment

7⅞" x 8" x 2½" | 7⅞" x 8" x 31/5" 9" x 9" x 31/5" 3 Compartments

9" x 6" 1 Compartment

9" x 6" 2 Compartments

6" x 6" x 31/5" 1 Compartment

Corrugated Take Out & Catering Boxes AmerCareRoyal corrugated take out and catering boxes box feature a sturdy angled design allowing for secure transport and help maintain food integrity for both take-out and delivery. These stackable boxes are an ideal alternative to foam packaging.

• Easily transport prepared food in foil pans • Insulates during food delivery • Five sizes available to support various food items • Only available in white


Small , medium , long , half pan , and full pan styles are available to suit any establishment's takeout needs.

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PrimeWare Tableware Collection PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal’s Tableware collection is perfect for outdoor dining, food trucks, takeout, delivery and much more; offering a wide selection of tableware, including plates, bowls, and trays. Provide your customers with various options of compostable and disposable plates, bowls, and trays!

Bowls & Lids

• A versatile option perfect for takeout, food trucks, catering events, weddings and more • Bowl and lid combos allow for easy storage of leftovers • Molded fiber bowls are perfect green solution that is both compostable and disposable

• PET lids are both disposable and recyclable • Perfect for serving soups, salads and more

Available Shapes:




Various tubs & lids also available

Plates & Lids

• Perfect for takeout, food trucks, catering events, weddings and more • Plate and lid combos allow for easy storage of leftovers • Molded fiber bowls are perfect green solution that is both compostable and disposable • PET lids are both disposable and recyclable • Perfect for serving appetizers, main dishes and sides

Available Shapes & Compartments:



Round, 1 Compartment

Oval (Platter)

Round, 3 Compartments

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Trays & Lids

• Made from molded fiber or bagasse materials • Compostable and disposable • Perfect selection for eco-friendly option and foam alternative • Perfect for cafeterias, using multiple compartments for serving sandwiches, nachos, sides, main dishes and more

Available Compartments:

1 Compartment

3 Compartments

5 Compartments

6 Compartments


Take Out Bags AmerCareRoyal poly take out bags are ideal for use in grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants and convenience stores.

Take Out Thank You Bags

• Carry take-out orders and store items with ease • Designed to easily pack items • Choose from a variety of sizes and styles or create your own custom design

Multi-Lingual Take Out Bag

• Supports a variety of takeout needs from small single takeout boxes up to 2 full size steam pans • Large flat bottom designed to allow containers to sit flat for extra stability during transit • Made from high density polyethylene, higher heat threshold compared to low-density polyethylene • Can be ordered as die cut or rigid handle shopping bags, t-shirt bags or wave top bags

Poly Take Out Bags • Designed for use in grocery stores, retail shops, and convenience stores

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WRAPPED CUTLERY Allow your customers the comfort of knowing their cutlery remains untouched, with AmerCareRoyal Wrapped Cutlery. Wrapped cutlery provides a level of barrier protection against germs and other small airborne debris such as dirt, bacteria, and dust.

AmerCareRoyal has multiple options of wrapped cutlery to fit the needs of your food service option.

Available Options Individually Wrapped Cutlery | Meal Kits Chopsticks | Wrapped Serving Utensils

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Individually Wrapped Cutlery

Heavy Weight Polypropylene

Medium Heavy Weight Polypropylene

Medium Weight Polypropylene

• Made from Heavy Weight Polypropylene • Strong, durable and shatter resistant • Constructed for a nice grip and flexible strength • Perfect cutlery for upscale take-out

• Made from medium weight polypropylene • Durable, economical cutlery option • Great for casual dining and light meals

• Made from Medium Weight Heavy Weight polypropylene • Break resistant and designed to bend instead of shatter when applying force • Constructed to provide nice grip

Compostable CPLA

Heavy Weight Polystyrene

• Made from renewable CPLA or modified corn-based plastic • Ideal for both hot and cold foods • FDA approved for food contact and ASTM compliant • Individually wrapped and cutlery kit options available

• Made from Heavy Weight Polystyrene • Great option for upscale dining • Constructed for a nice grip, flexible strength and bend resistance • Perfect for heavier meals

Meal Kits • Perfect for on the go meals • Offers customers the convenience of everything they need • Wrapped kit contents include various combinations of fork, knife, spoon, napkin, salt and pepper, a spork or straw • Available in 2 piece, 3 piece, 4 piece, 5 piece and 6 piece kits

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Chopsticks 9" individually wrapped conjoined twin chopsticks Perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic flatware Great for restaurants, take out or events

Wrapped Serving Utensils Individually wrapped fork, spoon, and tongs options

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DISPOSABLE CUPS Perfect for take-out orders and delivery, AmerCareRoyal has the right cup for you! Various sizes and matching lids are available.

Available Options PET Cold Cups | PLA Cold Cups | Paper Cold Cups Paper Hot Cups | Cup Carriers

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PET Cold Cups • Made from PET plastic that provides excellent durability • Perfect to-go option for cold beverages

24 oz

20 oz

16 oz

14 oz

PLA Cold Cups • Made from PLA or corn-based plastic • BPI certified compostable and meet ASTM D6400 for compostability • Perfect cold beverages on the go

24 oz

20 oz

16 oz

12 oz

9 oz

Paper Cold Cups • Poly coated paper cups • Perfect for chilled or iced beverages on the go

22 oz

16 oz

12 oz

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Paper Hot Cups • Made from SFI certified paperboard and PLA or corn-based plastic lined • BPI certified compostable and meet ASTM D6400 for compostability • Microwave and freezer safe • Perfect for hot beverages on the go

20 oz

16 oz

12 oz

8 oz

10 oz

4 oz

Cup Carriers • Protect customers' hands from hot beverages • Designed to fit standard sized hot beverage cups • Available in plain and printed styles • Perfect for cafes, diners, restaurants, food trucks and more to help provide customers with take-out beverages

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WRAPPED STRAWS & STIRRERS Great for consuming cold beverages on a hot summer day or stirring your favorite coffee, AmerCareRoyal straws meet a wide range of customer needs. Choose from a selection of stirrers, coffee stir sticks, sip straws, as well as a variety of plastic and eco-friendly paper straws. Provide your customers a sanitary and convenient option with AmerCareRoyal Wrapped Straws & Stirrers.

Available Options Poly Straws | Paper Straws PLA Straws | Stirrers

Paper Straws Function just like plastic and perfect for eco-friendly food establishments. Available paper wrapped.

Poly Straws AmerCareRoyal offers durable polypropylene straws to meet the need of your food service establishment. These straws come either paper or poly wrapped for extra sanitation.

Stirrers AmerCareRoyal offers paper wrapped bamboo and wooden stirrers. Since the stirrer remains untouched, it is the perfect sanitary stirring option. • Great for stirring all drinks • Perfect for break rooms, coffee bars, or drink stations

PLA Straws Eco-friendly PLA straws are made from corn- based plastic and meet ASTM D6400 for compostability. Available paper wrapped.

Straw Diameters:

Giant Straws 7.37mm

Super Jumbo Straws 6.35mm

Jumbo Straws 5.60mm

Sip Straws 2.85

Available Materials:






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GLOVES AmerCareRoyal has the disposable glove style, fit and function for every need in the foodservice, janitorial and sanitation industries. Choose from our extensive variety of gloves that have been specifically engineered to protect against spreading foodborne illness, contact with environmental/biohazards or chemicals and the risk of puncture. As the need for gloves increases, more and more of the restaurant industry will be turning to a two-glove system. With employees from the back of house to now the front of the house wearing gloves, customers will need various options in terms of proper usage, color, and cost. Since prices will continue to rise, saving solutions are more important than ever.

Available Options C2 Hybrid Gloves | Nitrile Gloves | Poly Gloves Synthetic Gloves | Vinyl Gloves Latex Gloves | Yellow Rubber Gloves

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C2 Hybrid Gloves The C2 series of gloves are the industry’s first hybrid, synthetic powder-free gloves designed for enhanced fit and flexibility and are 100% recyclable. • Have more elasticity than vinyl, resulting in a snug fit • Patented diamond pattern and tapered cuff provides superior dexterity and grip • Manufactured in reduced smog facility that recycles excess material • PVC, phthalate, latex, vinyl, carcinogen, cornstarch allergen free • FDA approved for foodservice • 100% recyclable with plastic bag or film recycling • Meets California Prop 65 regulations, and when not recycled, will take up 50% less landfill space than other gloves due to their thin composition





Nitrile Gloves Made of synthetic latex, AmerCareRoyal’s disposable nitrile gloves provide a high level of dexterity, flexibility, and comfort for extended use.

• Synthetic and disposable • Offer excellent puncture and tear resistance • A top barrier protection against common cleaning chemicals • Ideal for fast food operations and institutional use • Provide superior resistance to citrus oils and fatty meats





Chemo Approved


Doctors Office



High Risk Medical Environments





Manage Waste

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Poly Gloves AmerCareRoyal disposable polyethylene gloves offer the best low-cost option for light tasks that require frequent glove changes.

• Low-density material provides excellent wet barrier protection • Complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and FDA standards for safe food handling





Synthetic Gloves AmerCareRoyal disposable Synthetic Gloves are an affordable alternative to latex gloves. They have the same look and feel as latex gloves and provide a snug fit with a loose beaded cuff.

• Made of a PVC blend – polyvinyl chloride – petroleum-based material • Have more stretch than vinyl • Perfect for delicate tasks requiring flexibility and fingertip sensitivity • Contains ZERO Latex proteins

• Ideal for those who are latex-sensitive and work in fast food operations and institutions • Use for prep work, slicing, grill line, cake decorating, dough handling, garnishing, and prep • Available in both powder free or powdered • Contains USP absorbable dusting powder for optimal, tactile sensitivity



Doctors Office


High Risk Medical Environments

Dispense gloves with ease with AmerCareRoyal's selection of durable and convenient glove dispensers

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Vinyl Gloves More durable than poly, vinyl gloves are closer fitting for medium duty tasks requiring good sensitivity. Latex-free, ambidextrous, and flexible, their beaded cuffs provide maximum strength and durability and offer excellent wet and dry barrier protection. • Can be used near a heat source • Protect hands in light cleaning situations • Made of PVC – polyvinyl chloride - a petroleum-based material • Available in both powder free and powdered with a sterilized cornstarch for ease of donning and absorbing moisture during wear • Powder Free Vinyl available for operators who want a cleaner work area and for workers whose hands dry out from extended use • Use for handling sliced cheese and meats, prep for fresh squeezed juice, pies, pizzas, salads, tacos, burritos, and more


Nursing Home

Beauty Supply

Doctors Office






Latex Gloves Ultra-form-fitting. natural rubber (latex) gloves are made from renewable rubber trees. Latex gloves are a great choice for tasks requiring flexibility and fingertip sensitivity. • Feature a beaded cuff for maximum strength and durability • Resists puncturing for reliable barrier protection against contamination • Great fast food operations, food prepping, medical and institutional use • Available in both powder free or pre-powdered with USP absorbable dusting powder • Approved for use in USDA inspected food establishments






High Risk Medical Environments



Beauty Supply

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Yellow Rubber Gloves Tough, all purpose, reusable gloves used for food processing, cleaning and janitorial duties. From dishwashing to cleaning rest rooms, these yellow flocked lined gloves offer reliable coverage. • Made from natural rubber (latex) from renewable rubber trees • Chlorinated and powder free to minimize particulate contamination • Flock lined for moisture absorption • Embossed fingertips provide a better grip and generous 18mm thickness delivers excellent resistance to chemicals and detergents • Recommend elbow length poly gloves be worn underneath to further protect workers





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PROTECTIVE WEAR From food service establishments and kitchens to medical device and industrial facilities and everything in between, AmerCareRoyal Protective Wear provides excellent wet and dry protective coverage for every need. Ideal for a variety of applications, chose Protective Wear that gives all day protection against cross contamination, dirt, and dust.

Available Options Face Masks | Aprons

Face Masks Face Masks are an excellent option for additional barrier protection against germs and illness. Reusable and disposable options available.

Reusable Face Mask

Disposable Face Mask

• 3-layer cotton face mask with ear loops • Reusable • Perfect for use in kitchens, food processing units, and healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of illness

• Non-Woven • Excellent option for additional barrier protection • Adjustable bridge across the nose for custom fit comfort

Aprons From commercial bakeries and kitchens to medical device and industrial facilities, AmerCareRoyal aprons provide excellent wet and dry protective coverage for every need. Ideal for a variety of applications, chose from aprons that give light protection against dirt, dust and grime or splash protection from organic solvents and light chemicals in a non-toxic workplace.

• Strong, reliable and flexible maneuverability • Great for use in food service, food processing industries, businesses using paint, degreasing or cleaning agents

• Made from Polyethylene • Cost effective fluid barrier protection • Impervious to fluids and delivers waterproof protection in non-toxic environments

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HAIRNETS AmerCareRoyal hairnets offer a sanitary food barrier from hair contamination. Featuring a comfortable fit, the breathable, fire-retardant nylon netting is nearly invisible and helps avoid contamination.

HAND SANITIZER A liquid based hand sanitizer that will leave hands feeling clean and refreshed.

Hairnets • Designed for use in hospitals, restaurants, food processing areas, and manufacturing facilities for sanitary protection • 100% nylon netting • Help avoid unsanitary hair contamination • Lightweight and breathable for comfortable all day wear

Hand Sanitizer This alcohol based antiseptic 80% solution hand sanitizer features a liquid formula based on the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

• Non-sterile, topic solution • Added moisturizer to prevent dry hands • Refreshing water-like consistency • Direct Shipment Only • Pump not included

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