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Archbishop’s Message Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Archbishop’s Message Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Lenten Calvary and Resurrection in the sex abuse crisis Dear Friends in Christ, HAPPY EASTERTO YOU ALL! I continue the pastoral reflections on the upcoming AUSTRALIAN PLENARY COUNCIL (2020/2021) that I began in the March edition of CATHOLIC VOICE. 2. Making the Church the home and t e school of Communion sentencing of Cardinal George Pell continues to I felt immediately refreshed on my shoulder and prayed the following: Women.

Bega 150th exceeds all expectations Federation of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Oceania, Port Moresby TUESDAY, 17 SATURDAY, 21 6.00pm Mass, St Joseph’s Parish, O’Connor SUNDAY, 22 11.00am Mass, St Christoph r’s Cathedral WEDNESDAY, 25 8.00am ANZAC Day Mass, St Christopher’s Cathedral SATURDAY, 28 6.00pm Mass, Our Lady Help of Christians Parish South Woden SUNDAY, 29 11.00am Mass, St Christopher’s Cathedral Opportunities for women to gather in the Archdiocese SUNDAY, 8 to WEDNESDAY, 11

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Archbishop’s Diary April 2019 FRIDAY, 5 12.00pm Lunch Samaritan House, SvdP 19 Hackett Street, Hackett SATURDAY, 6 11.00am Consecration and Installation of Dr Mark Short, Anglican Bishop of Goulburn, St Saviour’s Cathedral, H aving established 2020/2021 is marked by a lgrimage of conversion, we ed to then remind ourselves at we do this as Catholics. St John Paul II, in one of his onderful documents at the turn our new millennium, reflected at the great challenge facing in the millennium which is w beginning is precisely this o make the Church the home d the school of Communion.” ovo Millennio Ineunte, 2001, 43) Reflecting on this key term promoting a spirituality communion, Pope Francis mments: “The pastoral journey of e local community has as an sential reference point the storal plan of the diocese, hich is to be placed before the ogrammes of the associations, ovements and any particular oup. This pastoral unity, of eryone around the bishop, will eate unity in the Church.” Catholics have a particular eological understanding of T he conviction and create enormous controversy in Australia, and particular dismay and distress for the Catholic co munity. In the midst of all these great c ncerns, I found myself recently participating in an Ecumenical gathering outside Parliament House one Saturday afternoon. Soon after I arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear a survivor of sex abuse in the Catholic C urch publically state the following: “I stand here today as a victim, a survivor, an overcomer of sexual abuse within the Church. I stand here today through the grace of God and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. I have forgiven the priest, I have forgiven the Church, I have forgiven myself and been set free of shame and betrayal. I stand here today, as one who loves my Church and will stand for my Church not matter what. I pray to the Lord for the leaders of our Church and all those within our community impacted by this terrible crime. I pray Lord that they will come to know your love in their hearts and be blessed by your healing power. I pray Lord that they will know that, in the words of St Paul, nothing is able to come between us and the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.” that the journey to the Plenary Council

this term “pastoral plan”. For example, the documents of the Vatican II Council make it quite clear that our Church has both a hierarchical and a collegial structure. It is this living experience of Communion – of all of the baptised working in the service of the Kingdom of God among us – that is essential. Following from this is the understanding that we all have equal dignity but we serve in different tasks. The Lay Faithful direct the entire world towards the Kingdom of God. The Clergy specifically serve in the governance, teaching and sanctification of the Church. Even in this they are assisted by the Lay Faithful. The Bishops, as successors of the Apostles, serve under the leadership of the Pope, and become signs of unity and Communion of their entire diocese. We are all part of this school of communion. This is different from viewing the Church purely from the prism of a parliamentary democ- racy. The principle in a democ- racy rests on the understanding in my spirit when I heard these truly incredible words. I spoke to the survivor and congratulated her o her courage to speak about such personal matters. As I was talking to her, the organisers of this Ecumeni- cal conference asked both of us to participate, along with others, in short prayers of petition. I asked her if she felt it was ap- propriate for us to pray prayers for healing for our Churches together rather that separately. She readily agreed. Therefore, when it became my turn to pray I said the following: “Heavenly Father, humbly we pray, especially as Christians and Australians and for me as a Catholic Archbishop here in the Canberra and Goulburn region, for all survivors of sex abuse. I am so delighted to be next to my sister here who is a survivor of sex abuse by a priest many years ago. I ask for your bless- ing upon her and upon the Churches that we might learn from her, stand alongside all she symbolises in Australia, and see the hidden agenda of God in our ti e and place through the Calvary of their experiences. I ask my sister now, to pray for the wider Churches and especially for the Catholic Church”. I then knelt down alongside the survivor; she placed her hand SATURDAY, 13 6.00pm Mass – St Brigid’s, 2 Bancroft St, Dickson SUNDAY, 14 11.00am Palm Sunday Mass: St Christopher’s Cathedral MONDAY, 15 7.30pm Chrism Mass – St Christopher’s Cathedral TUESDAY, 16 10.00am Chrism Mass – Wagga Wagga 2.00pm Consultors meeting - Wagga Wagga WEDNESDAY, 17 10.30am Australian Multicultural Foundation Meeting

that all power comes from the people. In the Church, however, all power comes from Christ. It is the power of the Holy Spirit to serve. There are many wonderful examples in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn over the years of the practical living out of this ecclesial vision of Communion and Service. For example, there have been several attempts in the Archdio- cese to articulate a pastoral plan for herself. In more recent years, diocesan-wide and regional deanery assemblies have moved towards a vision of encouraging our people in the crucial areas of married and family life. So many of our diocesan agencies give incredible service in this area. This pastoral plan needs further development. Diocesan Pastoral Councils have also been created to flesh out pastoral plans. These have lapsed over the years. They need to be re-freshed in a manner that involves as many as possible. Similar observa- tions could be said too about a new Diocesan Commission for “I pray today in the words f St Paul to t e Ephesians, out of His infinite glory, may He give you the power through his Spirit for your hidden self to grow strong, so that Christ may live in your hearts through faith, and then, planted in love and built on love, you will with all the Saints, have stre gth to grasp the breadth and the length, the height and the depth, until knowing the love of Christ which is beyond all knowledge, you are filled with the utter fullness of God.” What an incredible oment of grace we all shared on the lawns of Parliament House! There was a good crowd present but many more participated elec- tro ically throughout Australia in this prayer gathering. In the midst of this extremely challengi g time for all of us, in such an episode like this we can see the glimmer of the Holy Spirit coming to help us in unexpected and surprising ways. So dear friends, never let us lo se hope but always trust in the Holy Spirit and be united in the faith that brings us together in Christ Jesus and His Church.

In this Year of Youth, our common vision too must be focussed on the place of youth in the Archdiocese. Surprising to some, this is a very dynamic pastoral area in the Archdiocese at present. Let us encourage it together. These and other possible examples, especially responding to the incredible thirst for prayer among so many, the pastoral care and dynamic contribution of our migrants and refugees, care for the poor and margin- alised, and the welcome of new Catholics via the RCIA, ought be areas of our communion in listening and practical charity to ensure that all find a “home” in our Archdiocese. Our pilgrimage to the national Plenary Assembly in 2020/21 offers us increased Gospel urgency to focus on these vital pastoral areas. In the next edition of Catholic Voice I will continue on these reflections in preparations for the Plenary Assembly. God bless us all in the excit- ing times ahead.

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The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church Feast Day

17 From Kerala to Cooma: at home in the high country

The Pope has instituted a new Marian feast honor- ing Mary as mother of the church. It will be celebrated every year on the Monday after Pentecost. Archdiocesan Easter Triduum/ HolyWeek Mass times


Pilgrims on a journey

THURSDAY, 18 7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper – HOLY THURSDAY – St Christopher’s Cathedral FRIDAY, 19 11.00am Ecumenical Way of the Cross, ACC&C, 15 Blackall Street, Barton 3.00pm Mass – Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion – GOOD FRIDAY – St Christopher’s Cathedral


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HE RECENT fires at Tathra have brought great destruction properties and immense trauma to this close coastal ommunity in our Archdiocese. It reminds us all that we are a passing world as pilgrims on a journey to the Father’s eavenly home. This Easter time can help us all re-focus n the things that will never end. In Jesus Christ, our pil- rim leader, “we have this hope, and sure and steadfast nchor of the soul.” (Hebrew 6/19) As we pray for the frag- Bourke St, Goulburn SUNDAY, 7 11.00am Mass – St Christopher’s Cathedral THURSDAY, 11 9.00am ACU Senate meeting – Melbourne FRIDAY, 12 9.30am ACU Graduation Mass – St Christopher’s Cathedral

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