Can My Neck Cause Back Pain?

For example, if you work at a computer or sit watching TV in a slouched position for many hours, over time your head and neck become forward protruding. Since your head weighs between 10-12 pounds (about the weight of a bowling ball), and is now balanced forward, all your back muscles have to work harder to keep you from falling forward. Over time, this leads to pain, inflammation, and injury to the low back. Do you find when looking over your shoulder you have to turn your body a lot? When motion is limited in your neck, the ability to turn your head is compensated by over- rotating the lower back. This is not normal and causes more strain to the mid and lower back giving you pain. If you feel back pain, see if your neck could be the cause by coming in for a free consultation with one of our experts. Give us a call today to learn more! How To Gain Pain Relief In Your Back

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