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Killer Chili By Debi Irene Wahl

November 19, 2021 Evening November 20, 2021 Evening November 21, 2021 Matinee

The mystery is set in an old diner, in a small town in the southern United States. A despot sheriff rules the town and everyone has a reason to want him dead. Even Mean Ole Henry, the diner ’s resident cat, hates the sheriff. Because of illegal activities that span several states, the FBI has an agent working undercover when a murder takes place. Can the agent determine who murdered the nasty sheriff? Murder on the Overnight Express By Patricia Gay Great changes were being planned for the British Railway system. The overnight express from Sloth in Scotland to Saint Vitus station in London has come to an emergency stop. The body of a Government Minister has been discovered in his First Class sleeping berth. Detective Inspector Pluckett of the Plodshire Police and his team of officers arrive on a commandeered train to take control of the enquiry. The First Class passengers and crew are ordered off the train and into the old waiting room on Platform One in order to await interrogation by the inspector. The killer has to have been one of these suspects and all will prove to have some motive for the murder. February 18, 2022 Evening February 19, 2022 Evening February 20, 2022 Matinee

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