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Q. ARE THERE OTHER FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE THAT I SHOULD CONSIDER? A. Homeowners may look for other sources to fund borrowing needs such as personal loans or securities- backed loans. Some borrowers may be able to utilize a line of credit linked to their taxable investments. These interest rates are typically even lower than a traditional home equity line of credit. Q. CAN I REFINANCE MY EXISTING $1 MILLION MORTGAGE THIS YEAR WITHOUT LOSING THE FULL DEDUCTIBILITY OF INTEREST? A. Yes, homeowners with existing mortgages that were incurred before December 15, 2017 can refinance and still maintain the deductibility up to the prior limit of $1 million. This does not apply to cash out refinancing. For example, someone cannot refinance a mortgage with a balance of $500,000 with a new loan of $700,000 and be able to fully deduct the interest. Only interest associated with the $500,000 balance will be deductible. Q. WHO SHOULD I CONTACT TO EVALUATE MY OPTIONS? A. You can certainly contact your Commerce relationship manager to start the conversation on how the new rules may impact your situation. It is important to contact your tax advisor to review all available options for borrowing before making a decision. This topic is very complex and the IRS has not yet issued a complete set of guidelines. If you would like to discuss your financial planning options with a Commerce Trust financial planner, just email Andy Hoffman at, or call this toll-free number, 800- 892-7100, ext 1-7329.

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