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TAO is the art of practicing patience and wisdom to work in harmony with the existential challenging circumstances. It is the path to deal with real-time complexities and uncertainties of the ever evolving world. It helps us operate through equanimity of mind to deal with the duality of the Yin and the Yang, to emerge as a wise steward steering the organization into the realm of growth.The context and the truth of TAO are eternal and relevant, and give us deep insights into the wisdom of the Masters. Organizations of today, operate in a very complex ecosystem with unpredictable forces and scenarios to deal with.Turbulence and constant change is a business reality, and leaders of today must emerge as winners.We need to understand, what it takes to be the“best in class”and to be a“brand of reckoning".This journey into the creation of world-class organization seems to be like steering a ship in the rough waters of the ocean of opportunities.This two hour conversation on “Business Essence” is based on the body of knowledge assimilated over years of realistic experience of consulting for change andmanaging through business turbulences.It is a research on how somemade it to the top,while somemoved into the space of oblivion and extinction.This tête-à-tête has been created to address factual issues that senior leaders face. These insightful conversations are bound to trigger thoughts that will make every leader introspect and question their beliefs.The intent of this body ofwork is to facilitate a“journey into reinventing organizations”and emerge successfully in the age of disruptive innovations.


ABOUT ATYAASAA Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is resolute on meeting the needs of business challenges, through management consulting, strategy building, training, counselling and coaching. It is on a mission of 'Awakening Human and Business Excellence'. Its transformational processes facilitate unleashing of innate energies ensuing superior performance and productivity, both in individuals and organizations. Atyaasaa’s vision is to remain a leading and niche consulting, human resource training, and counselling organization

offering quality services through quality people. Atyaasaa is thus partnering with top brands at a national and international level in their mission of holistic growth.

For fur ther details: Write to us at: info@atyaasaa.com | Call us on: (91-20) 25896445 | V isit us at: www.atyaasaa.com

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