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The Power of Vocational Experts in Spinal Cord Injury Cases Factoring Damages in Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Spinal cord injuries often cause lifelong, severe disabilities and are traumatic for injured individuals and their families. Plus, these cases are sensitive, complicated matters that require many experts to prove damages. To maintain their well- being, victims with spinal cord injuries need caregivers, rehabilitation services, and various future medical treatments. An experienced attorney knows that a vocational expert and life care planner can help demonstrate these needs to jurors. Someone with a spinal cord injury can claim various types of damages, including loss of earning capacity. Survivors who retain upper body function may be able to work, but it’s usually at a part-time or lower-paying job. Many spinal cord injury survivors cannot return to the type of work they once did. Those that do usually must go through several months or years of recovery first. To emphasize the severity of the victim’s damages, a vocational expert typically shows the contrast between how much the survivor would have made without experiencing their accident compared to what they can make after it. This monetary amount will depend on the job the injured person held before the injury. For instance, if the survivor was not working before the injury but was a stay-at- home parent taking care of children, the current amount to hire someone to do those household services will be factored into their earnings.

pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. Edmond Provder, a certified rehabilitation counselor, has decades of experience assisting in spinal cord injury claims. Mr. Provder is the owner of Occupational Assessment Services Inc., one of the top businesses providing vocational expert services in America. For further information, contact OAS at 800-292-1919.

In addition to the loss of earning capacity, other factors will be considered in the damages portion of the personal injury lawsuit, such as life care costs,

Create an Unforgettable Mother’s Day

mind. When you’ve finished cleaning, you can bond over some of her childhood favorites to finish off the day.

Mothers are often the rock of the family and take care of all their loved ones without expecting any thanks. But now is the perfect time to find creative ways to show them your appreciation, especially in light of the current situation we’re all in. Sure, they would enjoy a lovely gift, but what means the most is not the money you spend; it’s the memories you share together. Here are some fun ways you to can make this Mother’s Day a memory both you and your mom will cherish. Sweep and Stream In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, ask your mom what her most annoying household chores are and figure out her favorite TV shows and movies. You can cleverly find this out by asking her friends and other family members or by seeing what she’s watching if you share a streaming account. Then on Mother’s Day, surprise her with a day of total relaxation. While you handle her pesky chores, she can enjoy all her pop culture favorites without anything else on her

Rock OutWith Karaoke If your mom is a Meatloaf fan or a veteran of the Kiss army, hosting a Guitar Hero marathon or a karaoke night will make it her best Mother’s Day yet! Bring all your loved ones over to belt out their best Gene Simmons-level singing. (Or loop them in virtually if social distancing guidelines are still in place.) Make sure to organize all the music according to your mom’s top songs. This activity is sure to create memories everyone will recall for years to come. Best of all, your mom can relax without the worry of cleaning up later since you’re hosting!

How are you spending Mother’s Day? Let us know the next time we chat! Have a happy Mother’s Day everyone!



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