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Dry brushing


Daily Sisal Body Brush Natural exfoliating fibers

Your perfect pal to pack a punch in your cleansing routine. Enjoy more control with the extended handle and experience a deep clean with the unique and firm texture.

Daily Body Kit Scrubber + Applicator + Handle

Your Exfoliating Gloves Firm texture

Daily Concepts

Daily Concepts

Perfectly, designed with pockets to slip your hands or wooden handle for use/application and better control. The scrubbers innovative textures with micro scrubber tech- nology are just right for a daily soft wash or for an exfoliant wash. The applicators functional texture will help lotions glide smoothly and evenly with the convenience of not us- ing your hands and staining them if using for self-tanners.

Ideal to use while getting a scrub treatment in your favorite spa or at home. Its texture will exfoliate the dead skin cells of the top layer of your skin, creating a healthy, fresh feeling all over your body. Special blend of materials allow fabric to stretch so gloves adapt to your hands.

Use it with swiping long strokes.

Made from Sustainably grown sisalfiber. 100% pure vegetable, Sisal is natural fibrefully biodegradable. It is highly renewable resource of energy. Exfoliates and clears out dead skin. These traditional, Japanese style sisal brushes are great for so many different things! Use them in the shower, for dry brushing, and cleaning your nails .

Your Daily Detox Massage Brush Dry or Wet exfoliation

Daily Concepts

Daily Loofah Scrub & Exfoliation

Multi-Functional Soap Sponge Soap on the outside- sponge on the inside

Responsibly sourced natural bristles and massaging rubber nodules this brush combines the vigorous texture to remove dead skin cells with the stimulation of the nodules to in- crease blood flow and circulation. Ultimately this is our go to for breaking up cellulite deposits, removing old dry skin and leaving us feeling glowy and baby soft!

Daily Concepts

Daily Concepts

It goes without saying the Daily Concepts Loffah will be your new bff! It is the perfect accessory to elevate your shower and bathing experience. Just add water abd the loofah becomes soft and expands. Ideal for adding your favourite cleanser or wash and cleanse your body.

Mild texture multifunctional soap, sponge to purge skin of impurities and elevate the overall texture of skin. Detoxifying, exfoliating, deep cleaning, dual purpose soap sponge perfect for detoxifying skin of impurities.

For all skin types. Available in Charcoal or Mother of Pearl

Use DRY as a pre-shower or bath ritual.

For normal to dry skin

Size 45gr

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