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We’re here to serve. Since 1988, Classic has provided unsurpassed industrial specialty services to contractors and owners throughout the United States. Classic is strategically aligned directly with material manufacturers and vendors throughout the country, providing quality materials and supplies at a cost far less than our competition. We understand the value of sharing this efficient and cost-effective purchasing and delivery approach with our customers. At Classic, our core purpose is “to provide construction services that make our customers’ projects simpler and more successful.” We are driven to develop long-term relationships with customers by providing safe, efficient, and successful construction services. We are guided by shared values that we will live by as a company and as individuals: • Family First. We care for one another. We always ask, “How will this impact our family?” • We personally own our work. We strive to deliver a Classic job. We always ask, “Is it excellent?” • We respect and treat our customers fairly. We always ask, “Are we building strong, equitable relationships?” • We step up. We don’t shy away from challenges. We always ask, “Can we deliver that successfully?”


Solid and safe scaffolding systems for the industrial market. With security and safety as our focus, we utilize scaffolding that is proven to be a safe, economical, and effective solution for many industrial and commercial applications. In addition to our specialty inventory including metal toe boards, aluminum pic boards and trusses, as well as fall prevention and arrest systems, our Cuplock scaffold has a very minimal amount of moving parts. It is self-leveling and self-squaring as well. This scaffolding is also unique in that it is one of (if not the) strongest and safest scaffolding systems available. Unlike that of our competitors, our scaffold allows for a 10-foot, fall-rated tie off. This advantage with tie off capabilities increases the productivity of its users. Classic has the technical resources to design and provide engineered scaffolds in every state that we operate. In order to improve project efficiency and simplify our customers’ contract needs, we frequently combine our scaffolding installation with our other services (such as thermal insulation or refractory.) We excel at meeting or beating demanding schedules with complex project requirements.

Finally, our extensive inventory of metric Cuplock scaffolding can be constructed for multiple uses including: • Internal and external boiler scaffolds •  Elevated platforms and dance floor scaffolding •  Scaffolding for tanks, vessels and chillers

• Hanging scaffolds • Masonry scaffolds • Commercial work access


Customized thermal insulation to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. Classic Industrial Services started as a thermal insulation contractor and 30 years later, thermal insulation is still one of our top specialties.

We provide a wide variety of industrial thermal insulation services, each designed to enhance system processes while reducing emissions and energy usage.

Our relationships with manufacturers and our vast network of distributors allows Classic to service substantial projects anywhere in the continental US.

Our custom thermal insulation services include design, material supply, custom fabrication, and turnkey installation for:

• Piping • Process equipment • Tanks • Furnaces and steamgenerators • Coal and gas • Biomass • Heat Recovery SteamGenerators

• Duct systems • Air pollution control equipment • Noise abatement • Solar facilities • Turbines • Cryogenic

Strong, durable refractory materials and expert service. Classic Industrial Services is a diverse refractory installation specialist with experience in new installations, maintenance, and rebuild projects. Our refractory experts can recommend the best design and materials for your particular application needs. We partner with many manufacturers to supply refractory materials to our varied customers. We additionally maintain an inventory of materials and anchors to service emergent needs. REFRACTORY

Installation Capabilities • Gunite • Castable • Shotcrete • Plastic

• Brick • Tile • Ceramic Blanket • Pre-cast Specialties

Industries Served • Power • Cement • Aluminum • Steel

• Pulp & Paper • Forestry • Chemical • Refining

High quality materials for years of protection. Classic Industrial Services is a leading provider of industrial siding and roofing systems for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our experience with metal wall panels and standing seam roofs is extensive. Because there are so many interfaces between the outer lagging associated with an insulation subcontract and a building’s roofing and siding, it is beneficial to hire one qualified and experienced contractor to perform both installations. SIDING AND ROOFING Insulated wall panels are available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. We provide and install standing seam roofs and siding for:

•  Warehouses • Pre-engineered buildings • Storage facilities • Enclosures

• Papermachines • Boiler buildings • Turbine generation buildings

HEAT TRACE Fully integrated industrial heat trace systems or Thermal energy management systems Classic Industrial Services provides Thermal energy management systems and services for the worlds harshest and most demanding industrial applications and climates. Our Thermal energy management team works with clients to design the appropriate solution for heating and protecting industrial piping, equipment, and other facility assets, based on the needs of the process. System Specifications and Design Classic Industrial Services can provide insight and value to clients from early conceptual application assistance through detailed project design and documentation. With intense focus on safety, reliability, and total cost of ownership, Classic’s team provides complete system design, installation details, and O&M documentation for heat tracing, energy supply systems, and thermal insulation systems. Some typical deliverables include:

• Installation Details • Panelboard Schedules • Panel Drawings • Energy Connection Point Location Plans • Energy Distribution Schedules and Routing Plans • Operations & Maintenance Manuals

• FEL Budget, Application and Specification • Development and Review

• RFQ Estimating and Budgeting • System Optimization Review • Thermal Calculations • Heat Trace System Design

Procurement and Material Management Classic Industrial Services work directly with several manufacturers and suppliers to procure the right products that are reliable and durable to perform in the most challenging industrial applications. The following are products that are typically supplied by Classic as a part of our integrated systems or individually as our client’s needs may dictate:

• Heat Tracing Cable, Tubing and Components • Heat Trace Control Assemblies • Integrated Control System Rack Assemblies • Heated Instrument Enclosures • Pre-traced Tubing Bundles

• Energy Distribution Materials • Removable Blankets • Insulation and Cladding • Scaffolding • Steam and Condensate Manifolds

Installation Services System installation has been a part of the Classic Industrial Services capabilities for more than 30 years. With an excellent safety record and decades of proven performance, we are the industry’s best option for executing the installation and erection component of all phases of a complete energy management system. Aside from a fully integrated field construction solution, Classic Industrial Services can provide any or all of the services listed below:

• Project Management • Field Supervision • Quality Control • Heat Trace Installation • Energy Distribution Routing and Installation • Insulation and Cladding Installation • Scaffolding Design and Erection • Painting and Coatings

• System Startup & Commissioning • SystemMaintenance & Repair • System Testing & Auditing



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0.64 0.59 Classic trains and implements a 00 Safety program on each jobsite that focuses on a goal of having 0 Incidents and 0 Injuries. The 00 Safety Program focuses on: •  100% participation in pre task safety meetings. •  Buddy checks on all PPE and Equipment daily. •  Good Catch’s and Stop work authority. •  Daily communication and planning meetings. •  Daily jobsite safety auditing and weekly safety committee auditing.

At Classic, we believe in consistently providing: • Awell-trained, safeworkforce of leaders at every level • On-site safety professionals • An impressive safety rating that reflects our focus on creating safeworking environments • Exceptional training that is tailored especially to your projects • Leadership training for supervision at all levels. Commitment to quality begins with leadership and extends to each employee. Complete satisfaction is achieved by meeting or exceeding the goals established by you, our customer. As a seamless part of your project team, we will meet your project’s expectations.


• Field Coatings • SiteMaintenance

• Corrosion prevention • Abrasive blasting and cleaning • UHP (Ultra High Pressure) Cleaning • Tank Linings and Exteriors • Secondary Containment Coatings • High-Temp Insulation Coatings

• Non-Slip Surface Coatings • Chemical Resistant Coatings • Epoxy Floor Coatings


BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA (Corporate Office) 225.756.4450 SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA 919.209.0909


OMAHA, NEBRASKA 402.378.8881

PHOENIX, ARIZONA 800.451.1065



APi Group is a multi-billion-dollar parent company to an integrated family of more than 40 independentlymanaged life safety, energy, specialty construction and infrastructure companies. Recognized as one of the largest specialty contractors in North America, APi Group is dedicated to its enduring purpose of Building Great Leaders™. We proudly trace our roots back to 1926 when A.P.I. Inc. was established as a small insulation contracting and distribution division of the mechanical company Reuben L. Anderson-Cherne. Lee R. Anderson, Sr. became president of the family business in 1964. Under his leadership, Anderson expanded operations in the Midwest region, increasing revenues to about $30 million. In 1980, Anderson launched a strategic initiative to diversify A.P.I. Inc. within the construction and construction-related industries. The company went on to expand into key markets, establishing both a national and international presence. In 1997, the company became APi Group Inc. The APi Group leadership approach, solid customer relationships, financial strength and preparation are keys to our outstanding success. As an industry leader we continue to invest in our people and leader development, acquire strong companies, and bring innovation to the marketplace.


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