This book highlights new textile and wallcovering releases from Momentum for Summer 2022



SPOTLIGHT | FALL 2023 SHELTER COLLECTION......................................................................4 VIBRANT EXPRESSIONS ..................................................................14 COATED UPHOLSTERY ..................................................................20 SPECIALTY WALLCOVERING...........................................................22 RITUAL COLLECTION......................................................................24 LINSAY BITTINGER | DESIGNER FOCUS �����������������������������������������26 EMBOSSED COLLECTION................................................................38 EARTH ELEMENTS ...........................................................................42 WOVEN SILICA™...............................................................................46


Our newest collections combine extraordinary tactile and visual experiences — softness, comfort, relaxation, ease — with an expansive potential and imaginative spark that connects us to the bigger world. The new Ritual collection’s high- performance textiles are designed to be mixed and matched, explosions of color and innovative design meet a beautiful simplicity. Shelter collection fabrics have a luxurious feel that invites cozy collaboration and authentic connection, while the new Embossed and Handcrafted wallcoverings amp up deep texture, color and sheen. Grounded in the elements and full of possibility, our newest offerings are bringing innovative and inviting design to high-traffic healthcare, hospitality and education settings.



Recycled Content


Available in Canada

Bleach Cleanable

Meets IMO Part 5


Seeking refuge and respite: With nubby bouclés, rich velvets and multidimensional tweeds, the Shelter Collection offers a warm, welcoming, tactile fabrics for modern, traditional or rustic environments. Deep saturated hues harmonize with cozy softness to contribute to spaces that envelop, protect and elicit ease. Shelter brings these key elements to all kinds of spaces, including workplace and hospitality settings.


4 | Shelter Collection

SHELTER | Shelter Collection by Momentum Hospitality Maximally chunky in texture, Shelter’s shearling-like feel and warm, earthy colors are immediately inviting. It’s satisfying weight and durability make it a grounding, warm respite from busy lives in a rapidly changing world. It’s a creative addition to any relaxing space.

53% Acrylic, 37% Cotton, 7% Polyester, 3% Linen | 75,000 Double Rubs 6

Shelter Collection | 7

WATERFALL | Shelter Collection by Momentum Hospitality Soft and fluid, beautiful and flowing, Waterfall’s chenille construction and cloudy motifs evoke the movement of water. A painterly and multitonal evocation of the elements, it’s a warm and welcoming design that’s crafted for high impact and high traffic.

55% Acrylic, 36% Polyester, 9% Viscose | 100,000 Double Rubs 5

Shelter Collection | 9

ARTFUL | Shelter Collection by Momentum Hospitality Chunky and expressive, Artful combines a linear weave with soft, fine chenille yarn to create a multidimensional and inviting shadow effect with layered contrasting. Its muted yet saturated colors contribute to a creative vision for space that feel like a refuge.

92% Polyester, 8% Viscose | 100,000 Double Rubs 7

GIMME | Shelter Collection by Momentum Hospitality A classic tweed weave with stunning and overlapping color combinations, Gimme brings the comfort of home into hospitality spaces with its innovative minimalism and softness. Textural boucle yarn is used for both warp and weft, creating a non-linear, heathered texture that’s uniquely layered yet somehow comfortingly familiar.

100% Polyester | 100,000 Double Rubs


10 | Shelter Collection

MULTITONE | Shelter Collection by Momentum Hospitality A complex and multilayered textile, Multitone uses several different boucle and chenille fill yarn colors that contrast with a nubby-textured and multicolored weft. The result, inspired by crochet and 1950s outerwear, is luxuriously soft and supple. The color abundance adds a unique and lustrous dimensionality to this versatile and durable fabric.

65% Acrylic, 35% Polyester | 78,000 Double Rubs 9

Shelter Collection | 13

VIBRANT EXPRESSIONS Grounded and glorious, we invite some risk-taking with our newest releases. Create a space that’s exuberant and expressive, with contrasting patterns in complementary colors. Our Belgian Linen wallcoverings are called Bold and Spark for a reason—they bring an element of beautiful, orderly chaos.

14 | Vibrant Expressions

BELGIAN BOLD | Belgian Linen Collection Wallcovering | Type II Clean Vinyl

Striking lines contrast with a laid-back palette in Bold, a wallcovering with a fresh and modern point of view. Each colorway uses just two complementary tones — its large-scale pattern makes a bold statement while appearing warm, handcrafted and very approachable.

Type II | 52” Width | Osnaburg Backing


16 |

BELGIAN LINEN Wallcovering | Belgian Linen Collection | Type II Clean Vinyl

A foundational design to complement Bold or Spark, Belgian Linen features a natural weave aesthetic in durable vinyl, which makes it warm and approachable. A diverse color assortment makes it seamless selection for wide range of high-traffic settings.

Type II | 54” Width | Osnaburg Backing


BELGIAN SPARK Wallcovering | Belgian Linen Collection | Type II Clean Vinyl Belgian Spark has a smaller scale than its sister, Bold, but makes just as much of an impact. Each colorway features two tones—some boldly contrasting, some soft and subtle. A diverse color assortment makes it a seamless selection for a wide range of high-traffic settings.

Type II | 54” Width | Osnaburg Backing


| 19


Showcasing organic metallics and shimmering minerals, this collection of coated fabrics is expressly — and expressively — designed for hospitality. Using textures and colors that evoke the lushness and opulence of the natural world, the collection speaks to global movement and possibility. It includes two textures that mimic the complex and inviting look of woven rattan or linen.


20 | Momentum Hospitality

SPECIALTY WALLCOVERING Truly exquisite, the Handcrafted collection, part of Momentum’s exclusive Source One Signature Collection is exactly what it sounds like: Made to order in the U.S., using age-old techniques, these wallcoverings use natural materials to create something luxurious and awe-inspiring. Ideal for a feature wall or as a jumping off point for the rest of the design, the Source One Signature collection is designed by and for designers who want to create extraordinary spaces.

JAVEL PARIS Wallcovering | Handcrafted Collection | Source One Signature


Organic, wabi-sabi-inspired Javel Paris starts with a stucco-like base and adds painterly brush strokes, that are scraped on by hand using commercial-ready paint. Handmade and truly one of a kind, its textured background and elegant, metallic colors are made for incredible spaces. Make it yours - customize the color to fit your project (30 yard minimum).

Handcrafted | 27” Width | Non-Woven Backing 9

Specialty Wallcovering | 23

RITUAL COLLECTION A comforting and repeated routine — rituals bring ease, joy and physical and emotional wellbeing. With this intention in mind, we designed the Ritual Collection of high-performance textiles specifically for places where ease and groundedness matter: healthcare, education, workplaces. Using comforting colors, soothing patterns, and soft and inviting textures this collection supports stability and tranquility.


24 | Ritual Collection

DESIGNER FOCUS LINSAY BITTINGER Creator of the Ritual Collection When my mind is quiet, inspiration comes. My best ideas come to me in quiet moments, when my mind has room to wander. Spending time in nature and traveling to new places lets me see my surroundings from a new perspective, sparking new ideas and capturing often overlooked details. Spooky season vibes are my favorite. Nothing is better than the mix of crisp cool air and sunshine on a fall day. The smells, colors and transitions between seasons feels so exciting. At the moment, I’m loving the Glassworks upholstery. I had a lot of fun developing the pattern and playing with color so that it’s suitable for a mix of segments. Designer Anni Albers continues to influence me. She’s has had a huge impact on my design trajectory. She was a groundbreaking innovator and contributor to the textile design space and the Bauhaus. Her work has an untouched design sensibility, mixing craft, art, and design.

Designer Spotlight | 27




Designer Spotlight | 29

GLASSWORKS | Ritual Collection Using simple linework to frame colorful blocks, Glassworks evokes the lead joinery of stained glass. Evoking lightness and transparency, the geometry and composition echo the balanced layout of tatami mats. While the lines are crisp and regular, a subtle heathered yarn used in the ground offers warmth and dynamism to the design.

68% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester, 17% Polyester, 15% Nylon | 102,000 Double Rubs


Ritual Collection | 31

PIXELATE | Ritual Collection Rhythmic and textural, Pixelate’s mix of three chenille yarns create subtle variations in color. Its beauty and subtly, crafted in a variety of colors, make it a natural complement to bolder, larger-scale textiles. The tactile stippled pattern is grounding and comfortable and also imminently practical. 45% Polyester, 33% Recycled Nylon, 22% Recycled Polyester | 100,000 Double Rubs


Ritual Collection | 33

EXPRESSION | Ritual Collection A modern sense of movement, creative color combinations and a satisfying pattern repetition make Expression a playful and dynamic textile. Each colorway features multiple tones that make it easy to mix and match, both with the rest of the Ritual collection, as well as other design features. Its vertical large-scale design lends itself to chair or sofa backs or all-over upholstery. 84% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester, 16% Nylon | 102,000 Double Rubs


Ritual Collection | 35

VANISH | Ritual Collection In this soft and inviting textile, multidirectional lines create interest up close seem to almost vanish from a distance. Thus, Vanish has a complexity and visual interest that complements its excellent durability. Available in approachable neutrals and bolder tones, it features a polyurethane/silicone hybrid coating for both high performance and a soft hand.

70% Polyurethane | PVC Free, 30% Silicone | 500,000 Double Rubs


ARTISANAL EPU | Ritual Collection Soft matte finish with subdued leather graining make Artisanal an inviting and versatile. Scratch resistant and extremely durable it still has a sophisticated and elevated appearance. Available in both foundational neutrals and bolder bright colors, it serves the needs of all kinds of healthcare, workplace and retail settings.

100% EPU Polyurethane | 500,000 Double Rubs


WITZEL CV | Ritual Collection Witzel CV’s soothing palette, with colors drawn from nature, adds calm and serenity. Soft blues, plant-inspired greens and earthy rusts, golds and browns offer a foundational design element with a smooth, wipeable surface that can stand up to tough cleaners — an ideal choice for healthcare settings or other places where durability and ease really matter.

100% Clean Vinyl | Phthalate Free | 200,000 Double Rubs


Ritual Collection | 37

TERRAMO | Embossed Collection Wallcovering | Type III PVC-Free

Interlocking squares, in varying configurations, come together to create an engaging and architecturally satisfying effect. Terramo wallcovering has deeply embossed patterning, in our proprietary PVC-free olefin. Its reflective quality, inspired by metals, is highlighted by an assortment of luxe neutrals and bold colors that can be seamlessly mixed and matched.

Type III | 52/54” Width | Drill Backing


ALSACE | Embossed Collection Wallcovering | Type III PVC-Free Alsace is deeply embossed in a distinctive, small-scale masonry pattern that mimic slatted tile or stone. Remarkably sculptural, with overlapping rectangles at varying depths, each slat is etched to create a dynamic collaged effect. Vintage neutrals that include cool white, gold leaf and warm black provide dynamic options for high performance, visually engaging environments.

EMBOSSED COLLECTION Sculptural impact comes into stark relief with the Embossed Collection: Textured, PVC-free vinyl wallcoverings that are inspired by the building blocks of architecture. A clean, modern approach to vertical surfaces, these modular designs explore form to create the ultimate in high-traffic, durable function.


Type III | 52/54” Width | Drill Backing


DOURO | Embossed Collection Wallcovering | Type III PVC-Free

Evoking corduroy and other corded fabrics, Douro’s deep vertical embossing adds a compelling visual element to the walls of high-traffic, high-impact interiors. Its metallic sheen highlights its diverse palette, making a simple and compelling design element, simultaneously modern and familiar.

Type III | 52/54” Width | Drill Backing


Embossed Collection | 39

CHARETTE | Ritual Collection Privacy Curtain

Crisp and cheerful, Charette’s multicolor geometric pattern features a small, gridded texture over blocks creating soft layering to the pattern. Solid enough to maintain privacy its bright coloration stops it from feeling too heavy.

54% FR Polyester, 46% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester 4

GRADIENT GRID | Ritual Collection Privacy Curtain Using a multicolored gridded pattern, Gradient Grid’s linework was inspired by the handwoven structure of tatami mats. Available in four colorways, the gradient colors blend and move to create a dynamic and yet serene design element to healthcare spaces.

54% FR Polyester, 46% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester 4

40 | Ritual Collection

EARTH ELEMENTS Trees and valley, flowing streams and relaxed country living are the inspirations behind the luscious and elevated wallcoverings Loire, Tapa and Elowen. Create space that feels like respite from modern life, a step into the French countryside or a stroll through a lush forest. These are inspired by the elements and suitable for a huge range of commercial settings.

42 | Earth Elements

LOIRE Wallcovering | Type II Clean Vinyl

Serene, organic and painterly, Loire feels like an escape from the stresses of modern life. Carefully layered brush strokes evoke the Loire Valley, lush and enchanting chateaus, vast vineyards and colorful orchards. Type II | 52/54” Width | Non-Woven, 50% Post-Consumer Recycled Content Backing | York Defender® Premier Antimicrobial Protection Finish

TAPA Wallcovering | Type II Clean Vinyl

Tapa provides a feel of laidback luxury. The depth of color layered in the emboss with a subtle sheen of tinted metallic inks, highlights the fine woven layers. The soft vertical stripe and handcrafted texture in Tapa is designed to elegantly complement Kaali and Beaumont, three designs that come together to create a dynamic, elevated aesthetic.


Type II | 52/54” Width | Osnaburg Backing


ELOWEN Wallcovering | Type II Clean Vinyl

Elowen is a modern wood design, rendered with a consistent grain and a fresh, streamlined look. A soft blending of color and a smooth suede finish contribute to this organic, authentic wallcovering.

Type II | 52/54” Width | Osnaburg Backing


| 45

ARASHI WEAVE Wallcovering | Woven Silica™ Featuring an enlarged grasscloth texture, Arashi Weave emulates naturally dyed colors, enhanced with a touch of metallic ink. Part of our exclusive Woven Silica™ collection, its glass-fiber construction reduces environmental impact and is naturally breathable without perforation. Scrubbability, Washability, Tear And Breaking Strength Meets Or Exceeds W-101 Type II | 54” Width | Water-Based, Matte, Acrylic Finish

WOVEN SILICA™ The Woven Silica Wallcovering Collection captures the essence of a woven textile, with the look of fine linen and grasscloth. Derived from silica sand and bio-based coating; this innovative, natural product is formulated to remove VOCs from the air reducing environmental impact. Woven Silica is naturally breathable without perforation as well as available in a wide range of patterns and colors, it’s no surprise it’s won numerous awards.



SHOALHAVEN Wallcovering | Woven Silica™

A printed texture that emulates the beauty and craftsmanship of Japanese paper weave construction, Shoalhaven’s color palette ranges from time-honored warm and cool neutrals to accessible mid-tones and moody deep hues. Its glass-fiber construction reduces environmental impact and is naturally breathable without perforation. Scrubbability, Washability, Tear And Breaking Strength Meets Or Exceeds W-101 Type II | 54” Width | Water-Based, Matte, Acrylic Finish


Woven Silica™ | 47




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