Holland & Usry May 2020

WHEN WE FACE TIMES OF TURMOIL We Learn to Appreciate the Little Things

the state of New York especially hard. And when natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires occur, the ripples of their destruction are felt by many, but no one is more impacted than the community where it actually occurs. This sort of singularity is not the case with COVID-19. The hardships it has created are affecting people on a global scale. No country stands alone, no community stands alone, and no person stands alone. Luckily, humans have a history of rising up. Whenever hardship takes its toll, people find a way to band together and stand strong against adversity. Sometimes the worst fates are suffered before things start to get better, but it’s important to remember that things always get better. And I believe this to be true right now, as long as we can learn to have the type of mindset that instills positivity and appreciation. If there’s anything our current situation has taught me, it’s to appreciate life and all its simplicities. When Holland & Usry was “business as usual,” I’ll admit at times it was tedious. It’s natural to feel the urge to get away from time to time. But now, when our systems have been forced to change, I find myself longing for the days of long meetings and hours of paperwork. The lesson I’ve learned during this hardship is that we should never take life for granted, even the smallest aspects of it. When we can’t live our regular lives due to illness, quarantines, and social distancing, we start to miss everything we used to have. Now that some of us have a little less in our lives, maybe it’s a great time to start appreciating what we’ve got. Rest assured, you haven’t lost Holland & Usry. We are still fully serving our clients, even though we have very limited in-person contact and visits outside our office. We’re using phones, email, and videoconferencing as necessary to make sure we’re still here for you because that’s what all this turmoil comes down to: finding ways to be there for one another in times of need. We’re doing everything we can to be here for you so that we can all find ways to get through this together.

As of writing this newsletter at the beginning of April, the state of the world as it responds to COVID-19 is still one of uncertainty and fear. Things may have changed for the better in the month or so between my writing this and it reaching your hands, but with the way the numbers are climbing in the U.S., I’m hesitant to make that statement firmly. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t carry hope and positivity. It’s hard to escape news or updates about the progression of COVID-19, and that news tends to bring people down. I won’t pretend to know what it’s like to be on the front lines — I’m fortunate enough to say that my family, my friends, and I have remained safe thus far. But like many others, I feel the heavy weight of the changes that have been implemented across the globe.

When we face communal turmoil, it’s often confined to a single location. For example, 9/11 impacted our entire country, but it hit



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