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10 .2019

Adjusting Your Sails

What You Can Learn About Estate Planning From Sailing

If you’ve visited our office before, you may have noticed the massive sailboat model in our lobby. It represents the mutual love of sailing that John and I share. While I’ve only recently gotten certified, John learned how to sail in the Chesapeake Bay in the 1970s. Our passion for getting out on the water has taken us on some incredible adventures over the years, and, with any luck, there are many more to come. he’s spent most of the intervening time in Colorado. Eventually, John ventured down to Florida and earned his American Sailing Association credentials. After that, he and his wife sailed through the San Juan Islands from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia, and he recently sailed to the Channel Islands with some buddies. While those long sailing trips may be few and far between, John keeps his sailing skills sharp on Colorado’s reservoirs. I received my ASA certifications in 2018 in the British Virgin Islands, and, just this past July, I got the chance to return and sail around the U.S. and British Virgin Islands with my family and some friends. While there, I took the opportunity to earn my catamaran (a type of boat with two parallel hulls) sailing certification and to get some more experience sailing in the open ocean. While sailing through the Caribbean and sailing on a reservoir in Colorado might seem vastly different, the two environments are actually more similar than you would expect. Besides currents and tides, most of what you have to account for in the ocean must also be accounted for in Even though John started sailing before the advent of the modern sailboat (or thereabouts),

Chatfield, Cherry Creek, or Dillon Reservoirs. The winds can get just as squirrely and prone to microbursts (a sudden, powerful gust) wherever you sail. That’s why getting out on the reservoirs is instrumental for us to continue honing our skills beneath the mast.

on the sunniest of days, a sudden storm can put you in a tumultuous situation, but proper planning and practice can get you safely back to shore. Likewise, a sudden illness or death in the family can make for unexpected, and even chaotic, circumstances. But, with proper estate planning and maintenance, you can drastically lower the negative impacts of the unexpected. Just like we adjust our sails to account for changes in the wind, you should adjust your estate plan to account for changes in life. Don’t let life’s sudden weather catch you unprepared. At Phillips & Blow, we’re here to help you keep you and your family on course. If you haven’t been in to see us in a while, please call to set up a free estate planning review.


Sailing is a lot like life in some ways. Being out on the water, utterly subject to Mother Nature, can lead to some unexpected situations. Even

– Justin Blow



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