February 2021 Results

ite… Welcome to Hollis Morgan LIVE ONLINE Auctions…STREAMED LIVE on our website

Welcome to Hollis Morgan LIVE ONLINE Auctions


Covid has meant dramatic adjustments to our daily lives and working practices, Hollis Morgan have


adapted by switching from Public sales to Monthly Live Online Auctions – a secure and safe interactive platform for buying and selling all types of land and property . A Live online auction has the benefits of a traditional auction such as speed and transparency

but with the advantage of being able to bid and watch from home with the auction streamed live on the Hollis Morgan website and the option to bid by telephone, proxy or online via the website. We have already sold 150 lots by this updated method, raising over £50m, and are confident it works. We have embraced this change and move forward with our 2021 live online calendar of sales confident we can provide a great service for our clients.


bid from anywhere | online or mobile

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