February 2021 Results

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me dire c tly as I am very interested t o hear h o w we c an co ntin u e t o ev o lve. We have embra c ed this c han g e and m o ve f o rward with ou r 2021 l ive online c alendar o f sales co nfident we c an pr o vide a g reat servi c e f o r ou r c lients. We als o l oo k f o rward t o s u pp o rtin g ou r 2021 charity o f the year – 1625 Independent Pe o ple (1625ip) a c harity that w o rks with y ou n g pe o ple wh o are h o meless, leavin g c are o r at risk o f h o melessness in Brist o l and the S ou th West. a s well as pr o vidin g safe, stable a cco mm o dati o n, we pr o vide pra c ti c al and em o ti o nal s u pp o rt t o ens u re v u lnerable y ou n g pe o ple c an b u ild healthy relati o nships, devel o p independent livin g skills and c an a cc ess j o bs and trainin g , in o rder t o thrive as an independent ad u lt. We have another packed catalogue tonight with ” we have embraced change and moved forward…confident we can provide a great service for our clients…

Lockdown 3.0: The show must go on… Following Government advice (05.01.21) the housing market will remain open during the new lockdown in England and we are thankful for the opportunity to able to conduct our February auction. c o vid has meant dramati c adj u stments t o ou r daily lives and w o rkin g pra c ti c es, H o llis M o r g an have adapted by swit c hin g ou r fam ou s p u bli c sales t o a M o nthly l ive online auc ti o n servi c e – a se cu re and safe intera c tive platf o rm f o r b u yin g & sellin g all types o f land and pr o perty. a l ive online auc ti o n has the all benefits o f a traditi o nal a uc ti o n s uc h as speed and transparen c y b u t with the advanta g e o f bein g able t o bid and wat c h fr o m h o me with the a uc ti o n streamed live o n the H o llis M o r g an website and the o pti o n t o bid by teleph o ne, pr o xy o r o nline via the website.


We have already s o ld 150 l o ts by this u pdated meth o d and are co nfident it w o rks b u t if y ou have any feedba c k o n h o w the experien c e c an be impr o ved please co nta c t

family homes, land, investment, development and commercial opportunities from across the region. Good luck!



OUR CHARITY OF THE YEAR FOR 2021 IS … 1625 Independent People www.1625ip.co.uk


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