February 2021 Results

rem o te biddin g – form

Identity CONTINUED For each purchaser you must provide TWO FORMS OF ID, one document from each list

List A : Identity documents :  Current signed passport (not a mobile phone bill)  Current UK/EU Photo card driving licence  Valid Identity card – eg HM Forces, Police Warrant Card, Prison Officer Card, government/local authority issued card  Firearm/shotgun Certificate  Resident permit issued by the Home Office to EU Nationals

List B : Evidence of address :  A utility bill issued within the last 3 months (not a mobile phone bill)  Recent bank, building society or credit card statement  HMRC tax notification (current year)  Current House/motor insurance certificate  Local authority tax bill/rent book (current year)

Deposit PLEASE TICK YOUR PAYMENT OPTION :  I enclose ONE cheque for 10% deposit (minimum £2,000 for bids below £20,000) AND the Buyer’s Premium of £1,200, made payable to Hollis Morgan Property Ltd and enclosed herewith. For telephone and online bids you may prefer to send a blank cheque duly signed. Please note: that if you are unsuccessful with your bid all cheques will be destroyed unless otherwise instructed.  intend to use the online card facility. (You will be notified by a member of the Hollis Morgan Team when this facility becomes live, not more than 7 days prior to the auction date). I understand a hold for funds in the amount of £6,200 (£5,000 deposit and £1,200 buyer’s premium) will be placed on my debit card until the auction date. If I am the successful bidder this amount will be debited from my card and I undertake to pay the remaining deposit by BACS to Hollis Morgan within two working days. Please note: If you are unsuccessful the hold on your card will be released, depending on your card provider this may take a couple of days. Instruction and Authorisation I hereby instruct and authorise Hollis Morgan to bid on my behalf in accordance with the terms and conditions for Remote Bidding above and I understand that should my bid be successful the offer will be binding upon me and that I will be legally bound jointly and separately with the intended buyer (where the buyer is different) by the applicable Conditions of Sale. If required Hollis Morgan will bid on my behalf taking my instructions in this regard on the telephone when the relevant lot is being sold at the auction. I authorise Hollis Morgan to record such bidding and instructions in order to avoid any doubts or disputes.


If my bid is successful, I authorise Hollis Morgan to sign the Memorandum of Sale on my behalf, in accordance with the terms and conditions for remote bidding and I undertake to transfer any outstanding deposit funds within two days of the auction.

Buyers Signature

Date of Signing

Bidders Signature IF SEPARATE BIDDER

Date of Signing

PLEASE NOTE: This bid is accepted on the basis that you (or your proxy) have read and understood the contents of the legal pack. Data Protection: The information that you provide on this form and the identification documentation details requested are required under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 for identification and security purposes, and will be retained by Hollis Morgan for a minimum of 5 years from the above date. The details may also be provided to other parties if Hollis Morgan are legally required to do so.


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