Our cider is very crisp and dry. No sugar is added, leaving the cider to become a true expression of the local apples.We like theapples fromdifferent seasons and blends to express themselves, which gives us a slightly different product with an expression of terroir each time. “Regardless of any ups and downs, at the end of the day, we get to relax and enjoy a product that we created together on this beautiful farm and that’s pretty amazing.” You both spoke to this briefly earlier, but could you say a few words about how the community in the Municipality of the District of West Hants has embraced Meander River Farm & Brewery? AB: The brewery has created a real sense of community in a community that’s already close and we try to share that sense with visitors. Locals often meet their neighbours at the brewery and reconnect, or they’re introduced if they don’t already know each other. Our local community has supported us through our CSB shares [Community Supported Brewery], which allows them to purchase beer in advance, like a CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] program.

They share the experience by bringing out of town friends and family to the brewery when they are visiting from out of town. It’s simply relaxing and fun. We like to talk to our customers, engage them, ask them where they are from, where they live, and make them feel part of an extended community. CB:  Yes, our local community are our biggest supporters and customers. It’s important that the brewery and all that we do here is a sense of pride for them as well. With the businesses now in the full swing it is well worth the drive to experience all that Meander River Farm and Brewery has to offer. In addition to their expansion into cider, they also have lots of Small Lot styles released throughout the year with farm fresh or hyper-local ingredients. With the holidays just around the corner they have a lot to offer in the lead up to Christmas, not only with exciting small lot beers and ciders, but also gifts, woodcrafts and their lavender home and body products so that you can get something unique for everyone on your shopping list. “The experience is definitely what we offer.” •




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