The Rutgers University double-blind study involved 22 collegiate and professional athletes from a wide variety of sports who were given one standard mouthpiece and one performance- enhancing mouthpiece. The research paper since released by Rutgers concluded that proper jaw alignment has a definite positive impact on athletic performance. “Basically, they were shocked,” “It’s an amazing thing,” Dr. Makkar continued. “A lot of people don’t realize that your jaw controls your whole body, your posture, your entire range of motion. For example, the guy at the computer desk hunched over all day, that person would be perfect for our mouthpiece because it would correct their posture for the whole day. People who are on a flight, when their ears pop, if their ears can’t pop, it really hurts. Our mouthpiece equalizes the pressure in the ear so they’re not going to have that popping effect. That’s because when you put the mouthpiece in, it opens up your airway, which equalizes the pressure with your ear tube. I wear mine all the time when I’m flying and I’m relaxed. Now there are studies where mothers who are delivering babies are wearing the mouthpiece to relax them, to calm them down. The mouthpiece has a lot of applications. The reason athletes got to it first is because they will try anything to make them better. The bodybuilder, the World’s Strongest Man, the NFL player, the New Age athlete, it allows their muscles to work the way they are supposed to work.”

New Age Performance — Conquering Dragon and partnering with Superheros

Most think that the New Age Performance started after company shareholder Dr. Anil Makkar and companyCEOand co- owner RobCharlton appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den with their innovative mouthpieces that had the Dragons all fighting for a piece of the action. But that was not the start of the New Age Performance story, it was just one of the many chapters for this amazing company.

by Jamie Barrie I f you didn’t see it, you should. It was inarguably the “A” story of the Dragon’s Den Season 12 premiere back in 2017. When you watch the episode, you will see that Jim Treliving didn’t even hesitate. He made an offer the instant the pitch was over however, he was not the only Dragon interested in partnering up with New Age Performance. By the end of the segment, a team of three Dragons competed against a team of two – after Manjit Minhast pulled her initial offer. In the end, New Age Performance got what they came for and more: 100K for a seven percent royalty for seven years and the collective marketing expertise of Arlene Dickinson, Joe Mimran and Michele Romanow. So, what was the product that had all six Dragons smoking? It was a revolutionary performance mouthpiece that was poised to “change the way that sports is played.”

As Dr. Anil Makkar tells Spotlight on Business Magazine, that is it one thing to say that you have an amazing product but it is another to prove it and the benefits of using a New Age Performance mouthpiece has been verified by studies at Ohio State, Rutgers, and the University of Connecticut. Dr. Makkar, a Doctor of Dental Surgery who focuses on TMJ therapy andocclusion and who lives to learn more than 35-years after his formal education at Dalhousie University, played an active role in the research itself. “I was very involved in the studies,” he explained. “I laid-out the parameters for the study at Rutgers, actually. My involvement with them and with Ohio State has been very interesting. They’ve concluded, among other things, that the muscular mouthpiece, which is ours, decreased the risk of injury to the ACL by six percent compared to other mouthpieces on the market – and that’s huge.”

“It’s an amazing thing,”




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