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so attractive to so many people? THE BENEFITS!

The Wheaton Annuity program, started in 1898,

l A . Investment with a Spiritual Impact Because Wheaton College has remained steadfast for more than a century in its commitment. . . “For Christ and His Kingdom” . . . the spiritual impact of Wheaton’s witness and influence today is world wide. Wheaton trained men and women have gone into 84 different countries as missionaries, many occupy pulpits and positions of leadership in educa­ tion, while the witness of others is keenly felt in business and professional fields, in churches and in homes. You, too, can know the satisfaction that comes from having a share in the spiritual impact Wheaton graduates are making with your investment in Wheaton Annuities. 2 Dependability and Liberal Returns Wheaton Annuities yield a liberal rate of return (up to 8.6% depending on your age) and assure you of regular income checks for life. A large per­ centage of the income from your Wheaton Annuities is excluded from tax under the present terms of the Internal Revenue Code.

has never missed a single payment. 3 Flexibility and Tax Benefits

Wheaton’s Annuity Plan offers many opportunities for the Christian investor. Contracts are written on a single life or survivorship basis. . . you can provide regulated sums of money through annuities by will for your loved ones. . . real estate may also be trans­ ferred to the College in exchange for annuities rep­ resenting the net sales value. Substantial tax bene­ fits, including capital gains tax savings, will result if such properties have appreciated greatly in value. Securities may be exchanged for annuities at the market value of stock at time of transfer. Another plan enables you to transfer securities to the College and retain income from the stocks for your lifetime, and at your decease to provide annuities for others. Wheaton’s Deposit Agreement Plan is also finding favor with many Christians, because it provides security of principal, plus a good return (3*4% per annum, in semi-annual payments) —and in addition, there is always the satisfaction of knowing that the principal is available if needed.

W e’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding these plans, show you the financial benefits of each and how they can best serve your individual needs. No obligation whatsoever.

(To avoid cutting cover, see coupon on page 60

W H E A T O N C O L L E G E • Wheaton, Illinois Dept. K114 Please send me without obligation: □ Booklet entitled, Pleasant Tomorrows, which explains Annuity plan in detail. □ Folder describing the Deposit Agreement plan.

“For Christ and His Kingdom” Since 1860

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