January 2021


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ways of the future. The craft of the building left a lasting impression on form versus function, which I utilize in my practice. “I remember working on the 1960s Model Cities Program that reshaped traffic and public spaces in downtown Texarkana. I remember expressing my concerns on the projects during the Moore and Thomas period and fought to preserve the buildings being demolished to serve as parking lots. I even tried to compromise with the demolition scope of work

home, hiring someone who will make these five basic needs the priority of the design can set their minds at ease. Building a house is about more than just the wood and nails or the colors and style. It’s remembering you are creating a place to raise children, make memories and build family legacies. It’s about all the day- to-day moments that make up a life. Hiring an architect means you are trusting a true professional with that enormous responsibility, and it’s one Grable takes very seriously. “We are ultimately the stewards of people’s

We are ultimately the stewards of people’s dreams, and our role is to usher them through to fruition. ” —John Grable

and preserve the street level facades of masonry to preserve the fabric and scale of the beautiful city. I was proud to work on the renovation of the Belk Jones Clothing Store that was led by Joe Thomas, Jr.” In truth, it isn’t incredibly hard to find a place to live. There are spec houses available around every corner and more continue to pop up with surprising speed. These houses

dreams, and our role is to usher them through to fruition. This is what is most important and defines our level of practice that embraces the client, land and structure in a timeless fashion.” He is also able to bring that attention to detail to his larger projects. “Although we are proud of the residential and ranch projects, we are most proud of the commercial civic projects that embody all the attributes of the residential client but are

can satisfy needs and make a beautiful home. “A spec home is typically conceived with a different set of values,” John said. “But the motives are not always in line with the five basic needs of mankind: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. These ideas represent the core of the education of the architect.” When customers want more out of their custom

shared by a larger group of people and become a lasting impression, education and appreciation for design that embodies a story of the user group and land.” The accolades and awards for Grable are many, but the most notable distinction of John’s career is his designation as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA). This distinction


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