Market Leader Extra Advanced Practice File

unit 3 •• energy


9 Listen and complete the notes below. • You will hear a consultant giving a talk to a group of business managers about saving energy in the workplace. • As you listen, complete the notes below using up to three words or a number. Saving energy in the workplace Lighting Switch off the lights if there is 1 . Careless use of artificial light costs companies 2 every year. Installing dimmers and motion sensors can be 3 .

Heating This also covers two closely related areas, i.e., 4 . In company buildings, energy consumed is used for space conditioning. If you want to extend the life of your equipment,

5 of the

6 is absolutely essential. It is worth spending money on programmable thermostats because they are 7 .

Office equipment If you leave your office for more than minutes, turn your computer off. The computer monitor typically consumes



of the total energy used by the system. Employees should be encouraged not to use the photocopier during 10 . Copiers often have automatic controls to reduce their power consumption during 11 . Such a copier can save you up to 12 in electricity compared to standard models. D Before you listen, think of how these phrases from decision-making meetings could be completed. Disagreeing indirectly 1 I’m not so I agree with you there. 2 I see things a little from you. Emphasising a point 3 I think it’s important to act quickly. 4 We can’t afford to let the competition act first. 5 I know I keep on about this, but it’s our reputation that’s at stake. Avoiding making decisions 6 Let’s not any hasty decisions. 7 Let’s our options open. 8 We should this through a bit more. 9 I’m in two about it really.


10 Now listen and complete the phrases with the words you hear.


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