Market Leader Extra Advanced Practice File

unit 1 •• first impressions

B Cross out the word which does not normally go with the keyword in the bubble.

1 to make

2 a visiting

to deliver

a publicity

a speech


to rehearse

to do

a keynote

a guest

3 a responsive

4 a session

an enthusiastic

a pep



a hostile

an accurate

a team

a sales

5 to invite

6 to go to

to arise

to hold


a conference

to fire

to deal with

to delegate

to attend

C Complete the sentences with the correct form of a collocation from Exercise B. 1  Rehearsing his speech for three days before the conference had greatly boosted his self-confidence. 2 The task of is often to introduce the theme of a conference and give the main talk. 3 Just because people did not clap frantically does not mean that you had . 4 The aim of is to encourage and energise the audience. 5 The audience had been rather quiet so I did not expect them at me at the end of my talk. 6 We are pleased to announce that our next will be in May. D Complete each sentence with the best word. 1 It is a good idea to make eye contact with your audience but you should avoid b . a)  watching b)  staring c) peeping 2 In some cultures, when people seem to their heads in agreement,

it does not necessarily mean that they agree with you. a)  nod b)  lean c)  fold 3 I felt rather tired during the talk and my mind soon began to


a)  slouch

b)  wander

c)  distract

4 I

into an old friend at the conference. I hadn’t seen him for ages.

a)  crashed

b)  flowed

c) bumped

5 The manager had allegedly been involved in

dealings with cash

payments in brown envelopes. a)  sleazy

b)  referral

c)  selfless

6 A presenter needs to think about : for example, the way they stand, the way in which they can be upright but not rigid, the way they take charge of the space. a)  gesture b)  posture c)  figure


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