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Renting out a Refurbished Lease on Life RUNNING AT NIGHT AND AN AFRICAN PROVERB ‘If You Want to Go Far, Go Tog ther’

I HATE running!

local school (we all have elementary-age kids), youth sports, andmuchmore.

Well,“hate”is maybe a bit strong, but I very much dislike running. I was a soccer player in high school and some of college. During that time, I would run, but only because I needed to for soccer, not for any other reason.

There is always something to laugh about, and there is usually something serious too. While we aren’t integral parts of each other’s lives, we share our lives with each other, and it has created a tight bond. Like I said, we are doing it together. I recently heard about an African proverb that goes like this:“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I have talked to some people who swear by it, but the whole“runner’s high”thing seems made up tome. If I run for a longer time, all I get is more tired.

When I was consulting and traveling a lot, I starting running pretty regularly more because of efficiency than any other reason. It really is a good workout, and you don’t needmuch besides sneakers. After Anne and I had David (No. 2), I started Robert C. White & Company, and the demands of work, family, and life pulledme into a really bad habit of hardly exercising. I would start up with running from time to time but would stop almost as soon as I started. Like I said,“very much dislike”is how I feel about it. It’s no surprise I couldn’t keep it up.

I guess I prefer going together. I amdefinitely a team sports guy, and now I am the leader of the group of people

playing the ultimate team sport: small business. And you knowwhat? I would put my teamup against anyone else, and I think there is a really good chance we would come out on top. Why am I so confident? Because I ampart of a team that is incredibly talented and focused on the most important thing—delivering for our clients. And we are focused on doing it together and getting better along the ride. Our company is going to be meeting this month to reflect on and refresh the core elements of our company: why we do the work we do, what are our company values, and where do we want to be in 10 years. I expect some interesting insights coming out of it, and I’m sure I will share in the future.

Amazingly, since January, I have run at least once a week, every week, with no breaks. It is probably the longest stretch of consistent running inmy entire life.

What changed?

I met some local dads who run at night, and I decided to join them. We meet on Mondays at 9 p.m. at the high school track and run about 5 miles. It is a perfect time for me. By then, all the kids are in bed, we have the dinner away and dishes done, and we have lunches packed for the next day. And while a couple of the guys are really serious (fast and perennially training for the next half or full marathon) it is low-key overall. Everyone challenges each other physically, but I think what we like most is the conversation. We take walking laps regularly to allow people to go at different speeds but still stay together and talk. The first week I ran, the temperature was sub-20 degrees, and still I knew I would be there every week. The reason is because these guys were doing it together. Yes, they were literally running together, but what I mean is they were going through life together. We talk about parenting, work, crazy in-laws, stuff that is happening at the

Until then, here’s to going far and going together,

P.S. I’m reading a great book call“Mindset.”It has a really interesting section that talks about the universally known story of the tortoise and the hare. It makes the point that while everyone understands the moral of the story, what people really want is to be the hare. They want to go fast, and they want to win. They just“know”they won’t lay down to take a nap before the end of the race. The problemwith that thinking is that in the real world, the finish line keeps moving.


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