Discover seven qualities of cork flooring

vibrations. These insulating properties are especially appreciated by condominium dwellers. 4. ENERGY EFFICIENT Cork helps maintain a stable room temperature year-round. It doesn’t absorb heat during the stifling summer months and won’t get as cold as hardwood or ceramic when temperatures start to drop. 5. EASY TO CLEAN As long as it’s protected by a good quality varnish, cork flooring requires very little maintenance. To keep it looking good as new for as long as possible, all you need to do is regularly vacuum and wash the surface with a damp mop. 6. ECO-FRIENDLY Cork is sourced from renewable forests and harvested in a way that is safe for the environment. In fact, it’s produced from the bark of cork oak trees, which regenerates

Used to build durable bedroom, living room, dining room, basement and kitchen floors, cork is gaining popularity throughout the home thanks to its numerous advantages over other flooring options. Here are seven characteristics of cork to help inspire your next renovation! 1. DURABLE Cork is known for its incredible durability. This material is hard to damage, and its porous structure provides excellent shock resistance. Furthermore, cork is flameproof, waterproof, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic—not bad, right? 2. COMFORTABLE Cork is naturally supple and stretchy. Its cushioned surface is easy on the feet and joints, making it an ideal choice for kitchens and children’s playrooms alike.

with time; this eliminates the need for traditional logging practices (i.e. the tree doesn’t need to be cut down). 7. VERSATILE Available in a variety of colours and patterns, as tiles or floating planks, cork flooring complements almost every popular style in interior design (modern, rustic, Scandinavian, classic, etc.).

3. QUIET Cork acts as a barrier against noise and

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