Refresh your melamine cabinets in five easy steps!

Had enough of your worn-out — and outdated — melamine cabinets? Changing their colour is an affordable way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Before you get started, consider these five essential steps: 1. CLEAN With the help of a damp soapy sponge, thoroughly wash your melamine cabinets from top to bottom to eliminate grime that’s built up with time. Use an all-purpose degreaser to remove those stubborn oily stains. 2. SAND Using fine sandpaper (or an electric sander, if you have one), lightly sand down your

kitchen cabinets to obtain a nice smooth surface. Next, get rid of the resulting dust with a damp cloth. 3. PREP Apply a uniform layer of primer to the inside and outside of your cabinets. This step is critical to ensure the paint adheres to the surface. For optimal results, let the basecoat dry for 24 hours (or according to the manufacturer’s recommended time) before moving on to the next step. 4. PAINT Opt for a type of paint specifically designed for melamine surfaces. Apply at least two generous coats of your colour of choice with

a paintbrush and roller. Make sure to let the paint dry completely between coats.

5. VARNISH To prevent premature chipping and peeling, seal the deal with a quality varnish once the paint is fully dry. Depending on your preference, choose a varnish with a matte, satin or glossy finish, and apply several coats to better protect your cabinets from early wear.

Here’s to a job well done!

Three mistakes to avoid when renovating your kitchen

Many homeowners who want to renovate their kitchen, eager to get the job done fast, may commit crucial mistakes. Here are three common renovation traps to avoid: 1. Installing workstations too far apart. When your stove, fridge and kitchen sink are placed far apart, you lose precious time moving from one station to the next as you go about preparing your meals. For optimal efficiency, kitchen specialists recommend

bringing these stations closer together to form a triangle.

(like curtains and frames).

3. Neglecting efficient lighting. Think critically when choosing your lighting fixtures, as these should be neither too light nor too dark. For a functional and visually pleasing kitchen space, consider multiplying your light sources by installing built-in floodlights or other hanging ceiling fixtures.

2. Prioritizing style over quality. If you choose materials or appliances solely based on aesthetics, you could end up regretting it in the long run. Opt for timeless models with proven durability for your standard kitchen features (like the countertops, cupboards and sink) while allowing yourself more leeway when it comes to decorative items

OUR MISSION: Quality products and unique styles and designs combined with incomparable customer service. The building of a new house or a kitchen renovation can be a very stressful time for people,so it’sup tous to resolveasmanyproblemsanddetailsaspossible for theclientmaking it a more pleasant experience for the customer. OUR PRODUCT: In our line of work, it’s very important for us to keep up with trends and styles. Every year we attend several meetings and shows put on by our suppliers to see what’s coming up next year and even two years from now in new colors, styles, products and hardware. We manufacture righthereyournewkitchencabinetswhether inanywoodspecies,polyesterorthermosplastic, WHY MOOSE CREEK: We are located in the center of eastern Ontario. From here we are 30 minutes from Cornwall, Rockland, Embrun, Russell, Hawksbury, Alexandria and Morrisburg making it easy for us to serve everyone inside this perimeter. THE FUTURE: Cabinet making has changed greatly in the last 30 years, now everything is automated, from thecuttingofthepartstotheassemblingofunits.Nomoremiscalculationspossible.Everything is done by numeric controlled computers, and from there the need for a new generation of cabinet makers more at ease with new technologies. 2004 and has since become a partner in the company allowing us to see another 30 years in front of us.

THANK YOU, PRESCOTT-RUSSELL Luc, Johanne and Nicholas Forgues greatly appreciate the support shown to us by the people of Prescott-Russel. “Thank you very much for coming to Moose Creek to make your purchases”

today, year over year.This allows us to supply kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities to all the better-known contractors, developers and designers of the area. We are also opened to the public. So, put our 30 years of experience at your service. 17094 McLean Road, Moose Creek, ON | 613-538-2305 |


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