Open up your heart this Thanksgiving to turn $25,000 into $50,000 forWDMH

Your family is precious to you. At WDMH, our patients are precious to us. In order to better care for them, we hope you’ll join Your family is precious to you. At WDMH, our patients are precious to us. In order to better car for them, we hope y u’ll join your neighbours and friends in making a gift today. All patients and staff will be grateful for your generosity.

HowYou Can Help Today Your gift will show your gratitude to this incredibly generous donor, and your local hospital, WDMH. Fromnow until November 3, 2017, gifts given via this programwill be matched up to $25,000. Make your gift by choosing one of these three options: Complete the donation form below

Your gift, doubled, will help staff see hearts clearly In order to maintain and expand our ability to look at patients’ hearts clearly, WDMH needs a new Echocardiogram machine. Thankfully, an anonymous donor has generously offered to match your gift, given by November 3, 2017 – and up to a total of $25,000 – to help bring a new machine to WDMH. We’re excited to tell you more… An echocardiogram is equipment that uses sound waves to make images of your heart. It allows technicians and cardiologists to see the heart’s structures, and the heart beating and pumping blood. Echo = sound Card = heart Gram = drawing At WDMH, we are proud to offer cardiac services for our patients, saving patients ages 17 and up a trip to the city for the same services. Over 1,000 echocardiograms were performed at WDMH last year. These kinds of volumes have pushed our current piece of equipment to the end of its life. We have made excellent use of it and it has served many patients well over the years, but unfortunately, there are some issues with it. Here are just a few: • It doesn’t provide clear images in comparison to new technology. • The cardiologist may not be able to see the image clearly on the current piece of equipment. • Patients might have to go elsewhere to repeat the test if the results aren’t clear. • The system used to read the images also needs to be replaced because once it breaks, we won’t be able to read our own images. • There is no way that we can even consider expanding our patient services with the machine we have. When it comes to the health of your heart, doesn’t itmake perfect sense to have the newest andbestmedical equipment available? This highest priority need at WDMH is the Echocardiogram and will cost approximately $175 000. Every donation counts, and brings us one step closer to being able to have equipment like a new Echocardiogram on site to expand our services, providing “stress echo” and “contrast” procedures on site, which we aren’t currently able to do. It’s only because of the generosity of donors like you that we can bring this new technology to WDMH. Our provincial does not fund the purchase of medical equipment for Ontario hospitals.

and mail it to the WDMH Foundation, 566 Louise St, Winchester, ON K0C 2K0 Call the Foundation office at

613-774-2422, ext. 6162 and be sure to mention ‘ThanksgivingMatching Gift Program’ Visit, search for ‘Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation’ and select ‘ ThanksgivingMatching Gift Program’

Yes, I want to make a gift to the general equipment fund in support of equipment like the Echocardiogram

*Donor Name ______________________________ *Address _________________________________________________________ *City __________________________________ *Province ________ *Postal Code ______________ *Phone Number _________________________ Email ______________________________________________________________ *Please complete these fields so that we may issue an official income tax receipt or business receipt for your gift. I would like to receive e-updates from the Foundation and have provided my email address. I would like to give the amount listed below: $1000 $500 $250 $125 $80 $55 $________ is the best donation amount for me Enclosed is a cheque made payable to the WDMH Foundation. Please bill my Visa Mastercard Card Number _____________________________________ Expiry Date _____/_____ Name on Card _________________________________ Cardholder Signature ______________________________ This is a corporate credit card You can also make your gift online. Please visit, search for the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation and select ‘Thanksgiving Matching Gift Program’.

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