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Mark was a 2X State Champion and PV record holder in H.S. and a 3X All-American vaulter in college. He then followed Bill Falk, his legendary coach, to M-F Athletic

Bubba played soccer and ran track in H.S., earning State Indoor Cham- pion honors in the 1000. After four years of competing at the college level, Bubba joined the M-F team. 25 years at M-F

As the son of Bill Falk, track coach and founder of M-F Athletic, Eric was born into track and eld. Since joining the company straight out of college, it’s been Eric’s passion to carry the

to begin his sales career. 37 years at M-F

business into the future. 40 years at M-F

BUBBA PETERSEN , Manager bubbap@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x102

ERIC FALK , President ericf@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x110

MARK STRAWDERMAN , GM marks@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x105

Jeff competed in baseball and golf in H.S. Being a true all-around sports enthusiast, Jeff has since amassed a huge amount of knowledge across all track and eld events. 20 years at M-F

Jenn played soccer, basketball, and track in H.S., earning All-State javelin honors three times. In college she specialized in the javelin and was a 3X Conference Champion. 16 years at M-F

Isaac was an All-State hurdler and ran the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relays in H.S. He then took his talents to college and ran for four years

before coming to M-F. 23 years at M-F

JENNIFER LACHAPELLE jennl@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x145

ISAAC RODRIGUEZ isaacr@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x104

JEFF MCBRIDE jeffm@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x111

Being Mark’s son, Steve’s interest in the PV started early and quickly became his passion! He was a H.S. All-State Vaulter, later becoming an excellent coach, specializing in the vault. 8 years at M-F

Holly competed in high jump, sprints and hurdles in high school setting a National HJ record. In college she was a 6X All-American in the HJ. She is our Road Warrior

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covering the Southwest. 25 years at M-F

STEVEN STRAWDERMAN stevens@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x112

HOLLY FAGAN hollyt@mfathletic.com 800-667-9363

Nick ran the 200 and 4 x 100 relay in high school. Ever versatile, Nick became a H.S. track coach and then came to M-F starting in sales and then became our Web and

Duncan ran track in H.S. where he ran a leg in his school’s 4 x 800 relay and earned Indoor All-American honors. He then took his talents to college for four years where he focused on the middle distances and excelled. 5 years at M-F

Wayne played football, basketball, baseball, and track in H.S. He also coached H.S. track for 30 years and is in the Ohio Track Coaches Hall of Fame. He is our Road Warrior

Social Media Manager. 22 years at M-F

covering the Midwest. 23 years at M-F

WAYNE CLARK waynec@mfathletic.com 800-561-6723

NICK STEBENNE nicks@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x140

DUNCAN BURLEIGH duncanb@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x125

Jim competed in the 200-800 in both H.S. and college. He then coached track for over 20 years at both the high school and collegiate levels. Also being an ofcial, he has a wealth of knowledge to share. 17 years at M-F

Lisa was All-State in track and basketball in High School. In college she focused on the throws and now specializes in the hammer, nishing an impressive 5th in the 2020 Olympic Trials. 4 years at M-F

A true multi-sport H.S. athlete, Dan played soccer and bas- ketball as well as competing in various running and eld events during both the indoor and outdoor track seasons. 23 years at M-F

LISA WILSON lisaw@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x114

JIM GROGAN jim.grogan@mfathletic.com 800-420-1909

DAN BLOWERS danb@mfathletic.com 800-556-7464 x107

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