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their sympathy about how hard this change is going to be for her, and she keeps telling them that I’m the one who’s going to be the basket case. Maybe she’s right. In my time as a father, the only moment remotely comparable to this was when Jessica got her driver’s license. I remember watching her pull out of the driveway on her own for the first time, trying not to let her see how nervous I was. I watched as she backed out, went down the street, turned, and was suddenly gone. I stood on that stoop in stunned silence for a long time. Now Margaret and I will be the ones who have to pull away, and something tells me that act is going to be far harder than it was the other way around. Getting home that night is bound to be strange, too, now that we’re “empty nesters.” I’m not too worried because Margaret and I were together for a decade before we had Jessica and really bonded during that time. But suddenly finding ourselves in a similar situation 19 years later will certainly be the start of a new adventure. Fittingly enough, during this period where I’m taking stock of my personal life, Pye-Barker will be doing its own form of reflection. Specifically, our annual inventory day lands in August, so before I take off to Lookout Mountain, the team and I will be working our way through the warehouse, making sure every nut and bolt is accounted for. Who knows, maybe counting air compressors in the summer heat will be just the sort of meditative exercise my mind needs. If I’ve learned one thing in both business and fatherhood, it’s that watching your company or your child grow up can be hard at times. But these are the moments that you look back on with pride and joy.

By the time you read this, Margaret and I will be preparing to drop our daughter, Jessica, off at college. We already have all the practical details worked out, so this preparation will largely be on the emotional front. We Lunsfords tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves, and seeing our only daughter leave home is going to cause some waterworks. To be honest, I’m getting worked up just writing this ahead of time. Of course, it’s an exciting milestone, especially for Jessica. At the time of writing, she’s already met her future dorm mate online. She’s all the way from Wichita, and it’s already apparent that the two of them have a lot in common. Seeing that Jessica has already made a friend before even making it to campus is beyond relieving for her mom and me. Jessica also received news that she will be able to exempt math from her studies, which, frankly, would be exciting for most people to hear. The subject has never been her strong suit, and she busted her tail to earn A’s in high school. Her SAT scores were high enough that her college is letting her opt out of the required math courses for her degree. It just goes to show that hard work really does pay off. Despite all the positive news and excitement, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel some trepidation as the moment approaches. Toward the end of the month, we’ll be making the 2 1/2 hour drive up to Lookout Mountain, where Covenant College is located. We’ll help her get all settled in and maybe explore the surroundings together, but eventually, Margaret and I will have to get in the car and drive away. As if the day we drop her off wasn’t going to be emotionally charged enough already, it just happens to fall on my wife’s birthday. We’re actually moving her annual celebration dinner up a week to focus on the move, so the whole week is shaping up to be pretty tearful and reflective. People keep giving Margaret

-Eric Lunsford


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‘EGO IS THE ENEMY’ GET OVER YOURSELF AND FIND SUCCESS Once in a while, a book comes along with a truly transcendent

message. “Ego Is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday is one such work. This book is not just for business owners, athletes, or those trying to lose weight; it’s a guide for everyone . By digging into the root of the human condition, this instant bestseller examines the single greatest threat to our own success: ourselves.

For Holiday, ego is defined loosely as our perception of self. Some may have a poorer outlook on themselves than others, but, as the book’s title suggests, ego hurts us regardless of which end of the spectrum we fall on. Holiday argues our self-perception can act as both a roadblock and a pitfall: Those with low self-esteem get stopped by doubt, while those with inflated egos

This ambitious premise shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re familiar with the author. Dropping out of college at 19 to be mentored by business strategist Robert Greene, Holiday has become one of the most trusted advisors of our time, working with brands like Google, Taser, and Complex. His other bestseller, “The Obstacle Is the Way,” tackles the difficulties of the creative process and our natural tendency to avoid necessary steps toward our success. “Ego Is the Enemy” dives deeper into the latter concept, highlighting ways we sabotage or deceive ourselves.


small it is.” It’s outlooks like this that make our team so strong. Shane also values our company’s ability to adapt as a whole, adding “What sets Pye-Barker apart is the will to change and welcome advice and new ideas.” experiences, even while he’s off the clock. “In my spare time, I watch the History channel and learn new things that deal with science and older vehicles and travel to experience different cultures and learn new languages.” We’re lucky to have such a well-rounded technician on our team! technology,” he says. “I also tinker around with Shane himself is always open to new ideas and

At Pye-Barker, we pride ourselves on dependability. Of course, that’s one thing to say and another thing to prove. But thanks to dedicated service technicians like Shane Brown, we’ve never had a problem delivering expert maintenance at a moment’s notice. So, this month, we sat down with Shane to find out what makes our star tinkerer tick. “What led me to this line of work was that I wanted to be a jack-of-all- trades,” Shane tells us, explaining how he’s always been fascinated by science and technology. It would seem he got his wish, performing many technical, mechanical, and logistical feats every day. But what shines brighter than Shane’s broad skill set is the passion he puts into every project he works on. “I only live by one rule,” he explains. “Whatever you create or fix must serve the better good of humanity as a whole and improve the earth.” A man of principle, Shane doesn’t lose sight of the big picture, no matter how minute and technical his work may be. Getting a plant up and running isn’t “just a job” for this service technician. It’s making sure employees can return to work and continue delivering services to the people who depend on them. As talented and introspective as Shane is, he never fails to be a team player. As he puts it, “The best part of my job is the people I work with and their willingness to help with any problem, no matter how big or


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often trip over their own arrogance. Those who unshackle themselves from their own personal narratives, however, can find lasting success. “Ego Is the Enemy” is rich with examples of this concept in action as it explores the lives and contributions of often overlooked historical figures like Katharine Graham and Howard Hughes. These powerful individuals remain relatively obscure thanks to their tendency to put their work before self-promotion, yet their impact on global events is undeniable.

PUMP? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN HCP In our industry, it’s rare to find a complete product line that can meet the needs of every application in a market segment. That’s why we are incredibly pleased to now be a supplier of HCP Pumps, a leading manufacturer of submersible wastewater and above- ground trash pumps.

Pulling from history, literature, and the latest psychological findings, Holiday weaves an

argument as engaging as it is thought- provoking. At times contemplative and

other times combative, “Ego Is the Enemy” holds up a mirror to readers and asks them to

challenge what they see. For those willing to attempt conquering themselves, this book is a worthy companion.

Whether you need a pump for municipal, industrial, or commercial wastewater applications, HCP is a solid choice. There are a plethora of wastewater pumps on the market from many different manufacturers, so why did we decide on HCP? The short answer is the adaptability and convenience for the end user. As a manufacturer, HCP has a range of materials they build their pumps from. With erosion always being a concern with submersible units, finding the right construction is crucial to the longevity of your pump. Having a single manufacturer who offers a spectrum of different materials means we can always find the fit for your application. This versatility in material construction is complemented by HCP’s availability of pump stations. Whether you need an above-ground, self-priming package or a below-ground lift station, they have an engineered solution for you. And to really ensure your pump gets the job done right, HCP offers a full menu of accessories to choose from. This includes control panels, guide rails, breakaway fittings, valves, float switches, adapters, thermal and moisture sensors, and more. Beyond this engineering versatility, there’s also a level of convenience with HCP’s service that their competitors can’t emulate. The company has three strategically located stocking centers in the United States, meaning 90% of all orders can be shipped quickly and efficiently from stock. Furthermore, their team works closely with us to ensure that any support you need after installation will be done quickly and done right. And here’s the icing on the cake: HCP offers one of the best warranties in the industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a manufacturer that shares our same commitment to quality and customer service. So, whether you need a submersible axial flow pump or a sump pump, Pye-Barker and HCP have you covered.


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College, Inventory, and Growing Pains

Your Ego Is Holding You Back Meet Your Technician!



Have a Laugh on Us! What Makes HCP Pumps Stand Out


3 of the Best Comebacks in Sports History

It was a classic underdog setup on May 4 when the San Francisco Giants faced off against the Cincinnati Reds. The Giants hadn’t won at the Great American Ball Park in three years. They’d been trailing the Reds all game, resulting in a 3-10 score at the top of the sixth inning. Statistics showed the Reds had a 99% chance of winning. But then, the tide turned: The Giants held the Reds and started making runs. At the bottom of the ninth inning, the Giants were only one run behind their opponent with two outs and a pinch hitter, Stephen Vogt, up to bat. Raisel Iglesias pitched to Vogt, who took a confident swing, and … 3 OF THE BEST COMEBACKS IN SPORTS HISTORY BEATING THE ODDS Vogt’s home run tied the game, and Evan Longoria followed with another run in the 11th inning to end the game in the Giants’ favor at 12-11. Those watching saw sports history being made. Here are three more tales of beating the odds. HOUSTON ROCKETS VS. SAN ANTONIO SPURS: THE 2004 MIRACLE There’s no “i” in team. But that didn’t stop Rockets’ player Tracy McGrady from scoring a heroic 13 points in the final 33 seconds of this 2004 basketball game against the San Antonio “It … is … outta here!”

Spurs. Those final points resulted in a victory for the Rockets, boosting their rankings and confidence. US WOMEN’S NATIONAL TEAM VS. BRAZIL: 2011 WORLD CUP HOPE Having scored within two minutes of kickoff, things were looking up for the U.S. women’s team at the 2011 World Cup. But two goals against U.S. keeper Hope Solo soon brought the score to 2-1, in favor of Brazil. It wasn’t until minute 122 of overtime that soccer legend Abby Wambach saved the day with a goal to tie up the game. Solo’s elegant deflection of several penalty kicks secured a U.S. win and took the team into the semifinals. CORRALES VS. CASTILLO: 2005 FIGHT OF THE YEAR It’s said that the sheer force of will emanating from boxers Diego Corrales and José Luis Castillo was even felt by those outside the ring during the 2005 Fight of the Year. Ten rounds of intense bouts brought both men to exhaustion. During the 10th round, Corrales was knocked down twice in a matter of seconds and looked beaten. Miraculously, Corrales recovered from his second knockdown and landed a wicked right hook, knocking out Castillo and decisively winning the match.


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