Annual Report (2014-15)

Special Services to Children and Families

SSCF provided opportunities for 220 chil- dren with special needs to participate fully in the community, experience meaningful friendships and learn new skills. This year, thanks to a Chapman and Innovation Grant (UBC), we added a multi-sensory room, where children can experience self-control, autonomous discovery, and exploration to enhance self-esteem and reduce anxiety.

Family and Children’s Intervention Services

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OCS offers many programs and groups to assist families experiencing crises and dis- ruptions in their lives. All of these services focus on keeping children safe and support- ing families to regain harmony and stability.

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100% of parents learned new parenting skills during visits 100% of parents would recommend service to a friend Supervised and supportive visiting program for parents whose children are in the care of MCFD. Supervised Access: 100% of participants experienced fewer crises and disruptions after 3 months of service Family Strengthening and Development/ Family Support Outreach: Individualized family outreach and groups such as: Nobody’s Perfect Parenting and Men’s Owning My Anger.

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Quick Response Program: Short-term intensive supports for families in immediate crisis.

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96% of families in QRP stabilize within 4 weeks

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